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Una - Tourist Destination

Una is a Himachal Pradesh district located in the state's southwest corner. Because of its proximity to Punjab, the Una district has a thriving industrial sector. Una's main industrial centres are Mehatpur, Gagret and Tahliwal, etc.

Una was given a railway line on January 11, 1991, when a 14-kilometer-long broad gauge track was laid from Nangal (Punjab) to Una. Punjabi, Hindi, and Pahari are commonly spoken languages.

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Activities in Una

Things and Activities to do in Una:

  • Navrata Fairs at Chintpurni: Spread over nine auspicious Navratra days in March/April (Chaitra) and September/October (Ashwina) in accordance with the holy Hindu calendar the pilgrim town of Chintpurni takes on a festive look. Large crowds of pilgrims do visit the revered temple and pay their obeisance to the resident goddess, who symbolically is represented as a pindi – a stone with embedded foot imprints.

    A fair ‘Mata Da Mela’ to celebrate Shri Chintpurni Devi’s bounty is held at Bharwain village, which is at the gateway to the temple.

  • Bhwarwain: Bhwarwain is located approximately 25 kilometres from the  district of Una, is an ideal destination for hikers and nature lovers.

  • Govind Sagar Dam: The famous Govind Sagar Dam is located 78 kilometres from  Una and offers activities such as swimming, surfing, water skiing, kayaking,  rowing, canoeing, and White Water River rafting.

  • Jeevan Market: Visit and explore the different trends,  cultures and shopping in the nearby shops in the Jeevan Market (Shopping Mall)  in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

You can find a variety of resorts and hotels nearby in the  affordable budget while staying in Una. There are several hotels and resorts  which provides a scenic view from their rooms which will make your stay a  heaven during the trip in Una.

Some of the popular hotels and resorts: 

  • The Gulmohar Grand Hotel, Una
  • Hotel New York Plaza, Una
  • Apna Niwas Hotel Guest House & Restaurant, Una
  • Hotel Maya Deluxe, Una
  • Kang's  Nirvana Resorts  

If you are passionate about eating delicious dishes along  with traveling, then you must try some of the wonderful and delicious food of  Himachal Pradesh. In Una, you must not miss the taste of Dham, Tudkiya Bhaat,  Babru, Bheya and Chha Gosht. Apart from this, you can also enjoy Punjabi food  in Una.

In Una, you can also enjoy delicious cuisine from  South-Indian to East India. Thanek is also known for Pura Chaat Bazaar.

Some of the  cafes and restaurants where you can eat in Una: 

  • Sethi Juice Bar, Una
  • Sharma Dhaba, Una
  • Dayal Sweet Shop, Una
  • Sunny's Spicy Treat, Una
  • Pandit Moolraj Residency, Una
  • Menon Hotel, Una
  • Trishma Resorts, Una
  • Hotel Jai Maa, Una
  • Hotel  Alfa Gagret, Una  
  • Until November 1, 1966, the current Una district was a Tehsil of the Punjab district of Hoshiarpur. Following Punjab's reorganization, all hill areas, including Una Tehsil, were transferred to Himachal Pradesh. Since then, until September 1972,it had been the Tehsil of the then Kangra district.

  • On September 1, 1972, the Himachal Pradesh government reorganized the then-Kangra district into three districts: Una, Hamirpur, and Kangra.

  • Una district is divided into five Sub-Divisions (Una, Amb, Haroli, Bangana, and Gagret), five Tehsils (Una, Amb,Bangana, Haroli, and Ghanari), and seven Sub-Tehsils (Bharwain, Ispur, Jol,Bihru Kalan, Dulehar, Gagret at Kaloh, Mehatpur Basdehra) (Una, Bangana,Gagret, Amb and Haroli.

What is Una famous for?

Una is famous among tourist as Temples.