Gaula River

The Gaula River is a Himalayan river which flows in India. The source of this river is Paharpani and the end point is Kichchha. The length of this river is about 103 km. The Gaula River emerges from the Sattal Lakes in Uttarakhand. It flows through Kathgodam, Haldwani and Shahi. Then it merges with Ramganga River, a tributary of Ganga, which is about 15 km northwest of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

The Gaula catchment has been affected by several landslides, as a result of soil erosion and deforestation. Also, the water of the springs and the overall rainfall has declined in the past few years, which has reduced its flow. The riverbed of Gaula, after hitting the plain near Haldwani has been facing soil erosion, due to excessive quarrying. 

When Supreme Court banned quarrying and allowed silt deposit removal in the regions, the locals protested and had a mass strike on December 2009, in Haldwani. The activists alleged a nexus between the stone quarrying and mining industry and the administration.

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Gaula River Photo
Gaula River
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