Latest Gold Price In Dehradun

Gold is considered as one of the safest traditional investment by the people of India. The people living in Dehradun have also been investing in Gold for several reasons. The most common reason of purchasing gold is that its price has been continuously rising if we consider a longer period for investment. Besides this, the love of women for jewellery has also attributed to the high demands of gold in Dehradun. Many jewellers in Dehradun have been offering lucrative discounts and schemes.

Latest Gold Price in Dehradun

Check out the latest price of 24 carat gold and 22 carat gold in Dehradun. The 24 carat gold is considered the purest form of gold but the 22 carat gold is popularly used in making gold jewellery in Dehradun. Below is the latest rate of Gold in Dehradun for each 1gm and 10gms (1 tola).

Standard Gold (22 Carat Gold)Rs. 4,604.00
Standard Gold (22 Carat Gold) - 10 gm / 1 tolaRs. 46,040.00
Pure Gold (24 Carat Gold)Rs. 4,834.00
Pure Gold (22 Carat Gold) - 10 gm / 1 tolaRs. 48,340.00

Price as on 20 Oct 2021
Disclaimer: The prices may vary. Please check the latest gold price in Dehradun with the local jewellery shops for more accurate daily gold rates in Dehradun.

Daily Gold Rate in Dehradun

Date22 Ct / 1gm24 Ct / 1gm
20 Oct 2021Rs. 4,604Rs. 4,834
19 Oct 2021Rs. 4,589Rs. 4,818
18 Oct 2021Rs. 4,589Rs. 4,818
16 Oct 2021Rs. 4,579Rs. 4,808
15 Oct 2021Rs. 4,639Rs. 4,871
14 Oct 2021Rs. 4,629Rs. 4,860

Gold Jewellers in Dehradun

Many popular jewellery shops are located in Paltan Bazaar and Rajpur Road of Dehradun. 

Kamal Jewellers, Frontier Jewellers and Titan are among the popular gold jewellers in Dehradun. Apart from these popular jewellers, you can easily locate reliable jewellers in the other local markets of Derhadun.

Buying Gold in Dehradun

Many people prefer to buy gold for investment. Akshay Tritiya and Dhanteras are the two most auspicious days when people buy gold. The demand for gold jewellery in Dehradun rises during the wedding seasons as gold jewellery is considered to an indicator of the riches!

Besides buying physical gold in the form of jewellery or coins, gold can also be bought in the form of digital gold or gold sovereign bonds.

Popular Gold Jewellery of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Besides the global bestseller gold jewellery like gold rings, gold chains and gold earrings, traditional gold jewellery of Uttarakhand is quite popular and in high demand in Dehradun jewellery shops. The most popular traditional gold jewellery of Uttarakhand include Paunchi, Nath (Kumaoni Nath and Tehri Nath), Goluband or Guloband

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Latest Gold Price In Dehradun Photo
Latest Gold Price In Dehradun
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