Uttarakhand Matrimony

Monuments Of National Importance In Uttarakhand

Complete list of monuments of National importance in Uttarakhand.

Complete list of monuments of National importance in Uttarakhand.

Sl. noName of monument(s)LocationDistrict
N-UT-1Badrinath templeBadrinathChamoli
N-UT-2Bandeo TempleDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-3Gujardeo TempleDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-4Kacheri group of templesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-5Kutumbari TempleDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-6Maniyan group of templesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-7Mritunjaya group of templesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-8Ratan Deo ShrinesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-9Surya TempleKatarmalAlmora
N-UT-10Dandeshwar TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-12Jageshwar TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-13Kuber TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-14Mritunjaya TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-15Nanda Devi or Nau DurgaJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-16Nava-grah shrineJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-17Pyramidal shrineJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-18Shrine dedicated to SuryaJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-20Grave of a European SoldierUprariAlmora
N-UT-21Temples of Baijnath: Group of ancient temples, consisting of main shrine of Siva and 17 subsidiary shrinesBaijnathBageshwar
N-UT-22Three temples of the Indo-Aryan shikara type known as Lakshmi Narayan, Rakshas Deval and Satya NarayanTalli HatBageshwar
N-UT-23Remains of sixteen templesAdibadriChamoli
N-UT-24Fort with walls and ruins of dwelling house inside it and with flights of stepsChandpurChamoli
N-UT-25Trident of iron with a shaft with one ancient and three modern inscriptionsGopeshwarChamoli
N-UT-26Two TemplesPandukeshwarChamoli
N-UT-27Rudranath templeGopeshwarChamoli
N-UT-28Rock Inscription in Survey Plot No. 89Village MandalChamoli
N-UT-29Group of Baleshwar TemplesChampawatChampawat
N-UT-30Kotwali ChabutraChampawatChampawat
N-UT-31Naula or covered spring attached to the Baleshwar TemplesChampawatChampawat
N-UT-32Temple sacred to MahasuHanol or OnolDehradun
N-UT-33Ancient siteJagatramDehradun
N-UT-34The inscribed rock edicts of AsokaKalsiDehradun
N-UT-35Kalinga MonumentsKaranpurDehradun
N-UT-36Temple and images in its vicinityLakha MandalDehradun
N-UT-37Old CemeteryRoorkieHaridwar
N-UT-38Old CemeteryShaikhpuri & GaneshpurHaridwar
N-UT-39Remains of ancient buildings locally identified with VairatapattanaDhikuliNainital
N-UT-40Old temple sacred to SitaSitabaniNainital
N-UT-41Patal Bhubaneswar CavesPatal BhubaneswarPithoragarh
N-UT-42Remains of a few old temples and an inscribed masonry wellGangoli HatPithoragarh
N-UT-43Excavated Site at Dronasagar (only preliminary notification issued)Mauza Ujjain KashipurUdhamsingh Nagar
N-UT-44Excavated site and RemainsPurolaUttarkashi

Data Source: Archaeological Survey of India

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