Om Parvat

Situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, the magnificent Om Parbat reaches an altitude of 6,191 meters. It is considered sacred by Hindus and its snow deposition pattern resembles the sacred 'OM' (?).  Statistically, the Om Parbat lays 74% in Nepal and 26% in India, with both countries unable to reach at an agreement regarding the border. Thus, The Om Parvat is currently on the Indo-Nepalese border face ‘Om’ (?) in India and the back of the mountain in Nepal.

Om Parbat was first attempted by the Indo-British expedition team. The climbers promised not to ascend the final 10m out of respect to the peak’s holy status. However, they had to return with just 200m short of summit due to very loose snow.In 2004, Om Parbat was finally ascended by a team comprised of Tim Woodward, Jack Pearse, Andy Perkins, Jason Hubert, Martin Welch, Diarmid Hearns, Amanda George and Paul Zuchowski. Again, they did not ascend final few meters out of respect.



The nearest place which is accessible through motorable road is Munsiyari. This place is starting point of many treks into the Kumaon Himalayas.

Posted by: eUttaranchal/ Bhupendra Kunwar
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