Property Registration And Stamp Duty In Uttarakhand

When you buy a house or a piece of land, registry of such transaction must be done. Registration process is generally carried out at the tehsil under whose jurisdiction the property being purchased falls. 

The stamp duty and registration charges applicable in Uttarakhand are different for male and female buyers.

The stamp duty for female buyers in Uttarakhand is 3.75% of the circle rate of the property.

The stamp duty for male buyers in Uttarakhand is 5% of the circle rate of the property.

If the property is being purchased jointly by male and female buyer, the stamp duty is 4.37% of the circle rate of the property.

The table below illustrates the Registration charges and stamp duty payable in Uttarakhand

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Uttarakhand
ApplicantsRegistration Charges in UttarakhandStamp Duty Charges in Uttarakhand
Male applicant2%5%
Female applicant2%
Joint (Male +Female) application2%
Joint (Male +Male) application2%
Joint (Female+ Female) application2%

Also, the registration charges on property in Uttarakhand are capped at 2% or Rs 25,000, whichever is lesser.

The Stamps & Registration Department Uttarakhand is responsible for recording and safe keeping of various property related transactions.

Posted by: eUttaranchal/ Bhupendra Kunwar
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