Saryu River

Saryu (Sarju) is a Himalayan river which flow in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The source of this river is Sarmool and the end point is Pancheshwar. In local dialect, Saryu river is referred to as 'Sarju'. Bhuni, Sup and Khati are the famous 'Ghats' situated on the Bank of this river. The Saryu river flows to the south-west direction and at Talla Danpur region it meets with 'Kanal Gad'. 

After covering some distance a stream called 'Punaar Gad' also joins it.After flowing through the enchanting valleys of Malla Katyur, the confluence of Lahur and Saryu river take place. At Bageshwar, which is a famous city of Uttarakhand it meets with Gomti River. Near the confluence of these two rivers ancient Bagnath Temple is located. 

After crossing Bageshwar city, the small tributaries like Bhrapadigad, Chaugarkha-Ki-Ghat Gad, Jalaurgad, Bhaurgad, Alaknandi, Saniyangad and Panar River joins Saryu river. At Rameshwar confluence of Saryu and eastern Ramganga river takes place. The eastern Ramganga has three times more water than Saryu River.

After completing the distance of around 146 km through beautiful Himalayan valleys, villages, forests and towns it finally ends at Pancheswar, where it meets with famous Mahakali River. The known places situated on the bank of this river are Sodhra, Gwara, Loharkhet, Song (confluence of Revati Ganga and Saryu River), Kapkot, Harsila, Balighat, Bageshwar, Sehraghat, Naini, and Rameshwar.

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Saryu River Photo
Saryu River
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