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The local dialects spoken by the people of Kumaon are terned as Kumaoni or Kumauni dialects. Various variations of Kumaoni can be seen at the different parts of Kumaon.The following form of Kumaoni is adopted from the region near Almora.

If you want to learn Kumaon language then you have come to the right place. Here, we will help you in learning kumaoni language in easy steps.

Following is a translation between English and Kumaoni sentences:

Pronunciation Help :*'aa' should be pronounced as 'aa' in 'bazaar'*'(n)' should be pronounced for getting the feel of n only.

English:What is your name?
Kumaoni:Tumar naam ki cha?

English:My name is Kamal.
Kumaoni:Merr naam Kamal cha.

English:How are you?
Kumaoni:Ki haal hariyaan?

English:I am fine. How are you?
Kumaoni:Main theek choo(n). Tum kas chou?

English:How are other members of the family?
Kumaoni:Ghar pan sab kas chan?

English:They all are fine.
Kumaoni:Sab theek chan.

English:What are you doing these days?
Kumaoni:Tum achalo ki karno ha?

English:I am teaching in a school.
Kumaoni:Main school main paroon chou(n).

English:Where do you live?
Kumaoni:Tum kaa(n) roo(n)chaa?

English:I live in Pushp Vihar near Saket
Kumaoni:Main pushp vihar saketak paas roo(n)chou.

English:Who else lives with you?
Kumaoni:Aur ghar mein ko ko rooni tumaar dagad?

English:I live with my parents, younger sister, elder brother and bhabi.
Kumaoni:Main apan eza-baabu, naani beni, thul dada aur bauji dagad roo(n)chou.

English:So your elder brother got married? When?
Kumaoni:O..tumar thul dadak byaah haigo? Kabin?

English:Yes, he got married last year.
Kumaoni:Hooye, ook byaah pichal saal haigou.

English:In which class is your sister studying?
Kumaoni:Tumari naani baeni ko wali class main pare(n)?

English:She is studying in 11th class.
Kumaoni:Woh egyarah mein pade(n)

English:What are doing this Sunday?
Kumaoni:Tum Itvaar din ki karchaa?

English:Nothing planned as such.
Kumaoni:Aaj tak kei na sochi.

English:Why don't you come to our home on Sunday?
Kumaoni:To tum Itvaar din hamar ghar kalie na oona?

English:Everyone will be happy to see you after such a long time.
Kumaoni:Sab tumuko(n) bahut din baad dekhi ber khush haie jaala.

English:I myself want to see them all. I will try to come on Sunday
Kumaoni:Mein lag oonuk dekh ber khushi holi. Mein itvaar din oonake koshish karou(n)l.

English:Ok. I shall leave now.
Kumaoni:Theek cha. Main jaanchou aab.

English:Well, see you on Sunday.
Kumaoni:Theek cha pein Itvaar din miloon.

English:Ok. Good Night.
Kumaoni:Theek cha. Par jano pein.

Learning Kumaoni - Lesson 2

Posted by: eUttaranchal/ Bhupendra Kunwar
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