Rameshwar Fair


Rameshwar Fair is an eventful fair with great religious and cultural significance held during Makar sakranti. The events during the fair which includes singing, dancing, and games continues all night long.

Significance of Rameshwar Fair

Rameshwar Fair holds great religious and cultural significance. It is an event that continues all night long with people celebrating with regional songs and dances. In earlier days, trade was also an important aspect of Rameshwar Fair where people engaged in buying and selling of regional items. 

However, with the ease of transport and development of better infrastructure, the relevance of trade in Rameshwar Fair has significantly decreased. Until a few years ago, people would light the diyas and pray in the evening and set the diyas on Saryu River to drift downstream. This ritual has been discontinued now.

Where is Rameshwar Fair celebrated?

The fair takes place at the Shiva Temple located at the banks of the Saryu River near to the place where Saryu meets eastern Ramganga River in the Pithoragarh district of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.The temple is located near the Pithoragarh-Champawat highway 35kms from the headquarters of Pithoragarh district.

How is Rameshwar Fair celebrated?

The villagers gather around bonfires and spend the night celebrating with singing folk songs and dancing in regional music. They take bath in the Saryu River in early morning and offer their prayers at the Shiva Temple.

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