The customs, rites and other rituals practiced by the people of Uttarakhand are essentially based on Hindu religion. These customs are deep rooted and are strictly observed by people of all castes i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudras.

All customs and traditions are influenced by their belief in spirits and superstitions, the innumerable Hindu gods and goddesses. Uttarakhand follows distinct rites and rituals for all the auspicious and sad moments of life right from the child birth to marriage to death. Every moment of life has to undergo one ritual or the other.

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Birth Rites

1. Birth Rites

The birth of a child is considered auspicious. On the birth of a child the woman is segregated for all-purpose for a few days until a 'Puja' is performed for the purification of the woman. 'NamKaran' (christening) ceremony is also gone through on another auspicious day.

Funeral Rites

2. Funeral Rites

Funeral rites are also performed strictly in accordance with 'Shastras'. In case of death of an unmarried young man or women the body is normally buried and not cremated. There is general mourning for a week or so by the entire village or the caste group affected.

Marriage Rites

3. Marriage Rites

Even to this day, a major percentage of upper caste people (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) do not approve marriages of their daughters with grooms from lower caste. Brahmins and Rajputs will willingly take a girl from a lower caste, but marry their daughters only to a boy of a higher caste. There are prohibitions against marriages between the same clans or caste. Learn about Marriage Rite

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