ENVIROSCOPE – Showcasing Documentaries On Environment Issues By Harela Society

Event Start Date2017-06-05
Event Sub HeadingENVIORSCOPE - A Short Film Contest by Harela

About ENVIORSCOPE Event by Harela

On this World Environment Day, in a collaboration with Uttarakhand Science Education & Research Centre, HARELA is organizing ENVIROSCOPE, a short video contest and screening . The videos will be made by young students from different schools and colleges of entire Pithoragarh district. Through ENVIORSCOPE, Harela is taking a step to compile the never documented environmental conditions, especially from the perspective of youth. 

The aim is to give a platform where the individuals from every walk of life could bring forth their observations and portray their aspirations regarding environmental issues. We believe such a moderate yet direct step will help in bringing our local environmental issues concerned authorities. The documentaries will involve young minds’ concern, imagination, and aspirations for a better tomorrow. According to Harela, they can see the event as a step towards current environmental scenario from awareness to action paradigm.

Highlight of the event

Showcasing documentaries on glocal environmental issues by school students.

Entry Type: Free

Background and other awareness activities by Harela

HARELA with the successful awareness activities in the last few years had worked hand in hand with the local zealous community on the issues like fighting forest fire, Bastadi relief work, disaster management awareness and training, animal rescues, mega clean ups etc. They have devoted their self to artistically sensitize the youth with the activities like wall painting across the city, ‘Negatives’-gaining perspectives through lens, waste-management workshops: up-cycled plastic ropes and glass-wares, street-plays, jungle trails, river walks (Rai-Gaar), bird-watching, snake bite mitigation workshops and snake rescues, natural history documentation, tree hugging, etc. Heading towards a holistic conservation mode, Harela have also setup mini social entrepreneurship models like “Faagun”: Organic Holi Colors.

Event Partners

Online Media Partner: eUttaranchal.comTechnical Partner: Final Cut Multimedia

What is Harela Society?

HARELA Society is a non-profit organization based in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, which focuses on to develop the local models of nature conservation,  based on community participation, traditional knowledge, and applied science. Currently, Harela is active in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Gujarat. Since the last 5-years, HARELA has been nurturing the youth who are zealous and sentient towards the environment and live by the motto “Only 1 earth".

Posted by: eUttaranchal/ Bhupendra Kunwar
ENVIROSCOPE – Showcasing Documentaries On Environment Issues By Harela Society Photo
ENVIROSCOPE – Showcasing Documentaries On Environment Issues By Harela Society