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Kufri - Tourist Place

Kufri is a picturesque hill station popular for hiking and trekking. If you love adventure, then Kufri is the place for skiing and tobogganing in the winters along the snow-covered slopes.

Most tourists who visit Shimla also make it a point to visit Kufri. It is an ideal place for trekking and hiking along the pine trees. Hiking through the woods of Mahasu Peak is a grand experience. The Himalayan Nature Park is also an important attraction in Kufri. The India Tourist Park in Kufri is also worth a visit.

Activities in Kufri

Things to do in Kufri:

  • Skiing: Skiing is one of the most popular activities to do during  winters in Kufri. Because of the beautiful slopes, high altitude, and snowy  peaks that grace the landscape, it is essentially Shimla's skiing capital.  Kufri has a variety of ski destinations to offer whether you are a beginner or  an experienced skier.

  • Horse Riding: Kufri is a lovely destination, and one of the most  traditional ways to explore it is on horseback. The thrill of horseback riding,  combined with a thirst for adventure, makes the ride unforgettable. A horse  ride to Mahasu Peak is a must-do experience if you can handle the slightly  rough terrain of the trails. It is very different from hiking and takes very  little time.

  • Himalayan National Park: The Himalayan Nature Park in  Kufri, which spans 90 hectares, is one of the most iconic places to visit,  especially if you enjoy plants, biodiversity, and nature. Aside from a diverse  range of animal species and over 180 avian species, the park also offers some  of the most breathtaking views of the Himalayan Mountains.

  • Tobogganing: Tobogganing is another winter sport that is like  skiing, is rapidly gaining popularity. It is a truly exciting activity to  participate in, with a relatively simple concept of sliding down snowy slopes  on a sled.

  • Kufri Fun World: A trip to the famous Kufri Fun World with your  children is one of the most entertaining things to do in Kufri. The amusement  park, perched atop Mahasu Peak at approximately 9,000 feet, is lined with various adrenaline-pumping rides that can be enjoyed by both children and  adults.

You can find a variety of stay  houses, hotels and cottages and resorts in Kufri. Some of the popular hotels  and resorts are:

  • Kufri Pacific Resort
  • The Jungle Mountain Retreat
  • Hotel the Twin Towers
  • Sterling Kufri
  • Royal Tulip Shimla


You can find a variety of hotels, restaurants and dhabas in nearby Kufri.

Kheer Poore, Besan Chilaa, Sabzi  Chana, Mooli Parantha, Pahari Aloo Khatta, and a few other recipes are popular  in the Kufri region. All of these are genuine Himachal Pradesh recipes, also  known as 'Pahari recipes.

Kufri was formerly a province of  the Kingdom of Nepal. This area was unknown to the rest of the world until the British 'discovered' it in 1819. Shimla was designated as the British summer  capital in 1864 and remained so until 1939.

Kufri began to be recognized as an  important place to visit near Shimla as Shimla grew in importance. 

What is Kufri famous for?

Kufri is famous among tourist as Trekking, Hiking Trails.

Kufri is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Peaks and Mountains.