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Check out the various places of interest in and around Solan.

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  • Bon  Monastery: Bon Monastery, one of the most popular Solan tourist  attractions, is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquilly. Meditation, time  spent in nature, and the calming experience of Tibetan culture gently enveloping you in a warm embrace

  • Kasauli: Kasauli is  the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in the panoramic beauty of some  naturally vibrant scenery. The best part for visitors is that it is also one of  India's most Instagrammable locations. As a result, you'll have plenty of  chances to take memorable photos with your friends.

  • Nalagarh  Palace: The Nalagarh Palace, located at the top of the hill, is one  of the best places to visit in Dev Bhoomi, Himachal Pradesh. One of the main  reasons tourists visit this palace is because of its well-kept gardens and admirable Mughal and Indian-styled architecture.

  • Shoolini  Mata Temple: This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Shoolini and is one of  the region's holiest as well as oldest temples. The annual fairs held here in  June are particularly interesting to learn about.

  • Kuthar  Fort: This fort is thought to have been around for 800 years. This  fort has several springs and is spread out over a large area. It is the ideal  travel destination for spending some of your most memorable moments in nature.

  • Solan  Brewery: The famous Solan Brewery offers a one-of-a-kind experience.  This location is suitable for visiting with family and friends. This brewery  was founded in 1855 and is one of the countries oldest. It is currently led by  Mohan Meakin. It also has a distillery, which attracts thousands of visitors  each year.

  • Dagshai  Jail Museum: History buffs will enjoy visiting this historical site. This  Jail Museum will teach you a lot about the pre-Independence era and the  sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. This was the location where Bapu, our nation's father, voluntarily stayed for a day to support Ireland's independence  from the United Kingdom. It is also the second jail to be turned into a museum.

  • Haunted  Grave of Barog: A well-landscaped garden developed adjacent to the  Barog railway line will undoubtedly provide you with a spine-chilling  experience in addition to the opportunity to admire its beauty. This garden was created in memory of Barog, a British architect who committed suicide after  failing to complete the Barog Tunnel. Barog's spirit is said to wander around  this garden at night.

  • Gilbert  Trail: It is an ideal place to visit, especially if you enjoy  losing yourself in nature's beauty and charm. Visit this 1.5 km long delightful  trail to stay connected to nature's wonders. It is a short distance from  Lover's Lane.

  • Majathal Sanctuary: Explore  this magnificent location and lose yourself in nature's wonders. This  sanctuary, which is spread out over a large area, is home to some of the most  unusual species of flora and fauna. One of the endangered species found in this  sanctuary is the cheer pheasant. Chirping birds on tree branches welcome you.  The sanctuary has jungle houses where visitors can spend the night.  

Other places of tourist importance

  • Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park
  • Ashwani Khad
  • Karol Tibba
  • Jatoli Temple
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