Shikari Devi

Shikari Devi - Temple

Shikari Devi Temple is a Hindu shrine located near Janjehli in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, 91 kilometres from Mandi.

It is a popular pilgrimage site in Himachal and one of the must-see attractions in Mandi for trekkers.

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Activities in Shikari Devi

Visitors can trek from Shikari to  Chindi, Karsog, and Janjehli via various trek routes. Adventurers can visit  Kamrunag by trekking the vast spread pastures on this hilltop route with  breath taking scenic beauty and perfect calmness for a day-long journey of 16  kilometres.

Aside from Karsog and Janjehli, you  can also stay at the iconic Forest Rest House near Shikari Devi, and there are some very affordable accommodations near the temple for pilgrims. On the way to  Shikari, there is also an HPTDC Trekker's Hostel near Janjehli.

You will not have a variety of options, but you can find a few restaurants and dhabas in Shikari offer you food to eat.

Some of the restaurants and dhabas where you can eat food while traveling in Shikari Devi:

  • Dawat Restaurant, Shikari Devi
  • Indian Coffee House, Shikari Devi
  • Alfa Restaurant, Shikari Devi
  • Scandal Delights, Shikari Devi
  • The Shikari Devi temple is located  atop Shikari Devi Peak, the highest peak in the Mandi district, at an elevation  of 3359 m.

  • The temple is thought to have existed since the time of the  Mahabharata. Shikari Devi, the Goddess of Hunters, is honoured in this temple.

  • In the past, the hunters or shikaris of the region would visit the temple to  seek blessings for a successful hunt. As a result, the temple was given the  name Shikari Devi.

  • Furthermore, the temple is significant in the holy book Markandeya Purana because sage Markandeya is said to have meditated in this  beautiful temple.

What is Shikari Devi famous for?

Shikari Devi is famous among tourist as Shikari Devi Temple.

Shikari Devi is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Devi Temples, Historical, Trekking.