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Famous Historical Destinations in Uttarakhand

Being a popular hill station destination in India, Uttarakhand also has its fair share of historic places which attract tourists and archeologists to its doors. Historical and Heritage Tourist attractions like Pithoragarh fort and Vanasur ka Kila have historical connotations.

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History lets us gaze into that which may have not happened in our lifetime but glimpses of which can be seen in the forms of art, architecture and the remnants of the lost culture itself. The treasures from the past should be given utmost care so that we have something for the future generations to look back to. 

Some of the remarkable churches from the British era have stood the test of time and are popular tourists’ sightseeing and are of historic importance. Places like Jageshwar have historical as well as religious connotations. These groups of temples in Uttarakhand are believed to be 2,000 years old.

Carved stones, stunning structures, well designed cities are an unparallel example of rich architecture legacy dating back to centuries. Heritage understanding of Uttarakhand takes you to another world that is full of fairytales, glorified monuments and priceless lifestyle.

Some of the tourist places in Uttarakhand have historical significance and appeal to tourists and history enthusiasts. Many Uttarakhand tour packages itinerary have trips to these historic locations in and around Uttarakhand. As tourism in Uttarakhand is gaining popularity among the masses, historical trips are also becoming an integral part of the Uttarakhand tourism.