Places near Shimla

If you are travelling to Shimla, we recommend you visiting the following nearby places around Shimla. Include these nearby places in your itinerary and make your visit to Shimla more memorable.

Here is list of nearby places where you can visit while staying in Shimla:

  • Craignano Nature Park, Mashobra: On the outskirts of Shimla city, Craignano Nature Park is the perfect place to unwind in the lap of a heavenly abode. The quiet get away prides in having a tulip garden which in bloom around March-April turns the place blissful. In its seclusion the garden offers tranquillity and serenity, setting bottled up emotions free.

    The nature park at a distance of 16 Km from the city is on a diversion road for Mashobra from the Shimla-Naldehra road.

  • Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri: Idyllic for a wildlife enthusiast who rejoices the splendour of nature, Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri is a must visit place. Home to more than 180 species of birds and animals, this nature park is a reflection of the wildlife found in the Himalayas. The nature park at Kufri is 16 Km from Shimla.

  • Fun World, Kufri: On your escapade to the mountains having fun activities in the lap of imposing Himalayan ranges around is a much cherished experience. At an altitude of 2,800 meters, Fun World in Kufri takes pride in having the highest go-kart track, along with other engaging activities that’ll be rejoiced forever.

    Kufri Fun World is adjacent to the NH 05 on Shimla-Fagu road at a distance of just 18 km from the main city.

  • Shali Tibba: At an altitude of 2,872 meters, the mountain top Shali Tibba Temple has a 360 degree view of the high peaks around and the deep valleys in the foreground. Dedicated to goddess Bhima Kali, the divine place can only be reached after a gruelling uphill trek from Khatnol village. To reach Khatnol one can board a local bus or hire a taxi. From Shimla to Khatnol the road distance is 45 km.

  • Naldehra: A vast expansive meadow surrounded by a dark deodar forest has enchanted travellers and residents for generations. Lord Curzon, the viceroy of India from 1898 to 1905, even named his daughter Naldehra after this scenic spot. The place has a 18-hole golf course.

    A nature walk which traverses uphill, offers very scenic views that are complemented by the emulsifying fragrance of the woods and bird chirpings. There is a frequent local bus service to Naldehra and taxis can also be hired. From the city Naldehra is 23 kms away.

  • Hatu Peak, Narkanda: Towering over Sutlej valley, Hatu Peak at 3400 meters altitude is one of the highest peaks among the hills near Shimla. Though a motorable road has been constructed, but an uphill walk through the woods from Narkanda is a better experience of the hills. Atop the mountain, a temple dedicated to demon slaying goddess Kali exhibits the local architecture and wood craftsmanship skills.

    The 360 degree views from the mountain top are deep and expansive making the trek a worthy one. A level walk through a dense oak forest opens onto Jaw Bagh, an alpine meadow, which only adds to the scenic value of the getaway. To reach Hatu, one has to do a road journey to Narkanda, a distance of 64 km from Shimla. From Narkanda one needs to take a taxi or do a 8 km trek through forest country to the mountain top destination.

  • Bhimakali Temple, Sarahan: Commemorating the all powerful Hindu goddess Bhimakali, this hill fortress styled multi-storied temple complex stands out for its architectural brilliance. Located in the heart of scenic Sarahan, the place has a up close view of perennially snow covered towering peaks.

    The temple is a highly revered one and many pilgrims do visit it round the year. Public and private transport coaches regularly ply to Saharan. For more comfort a taxi can be availed from Shimla to undertake the 180 km journey.

  • Hatkoti Temple: On the right bank of Pabbar river, at a distance of about 100 km from Shimla, Hatkoti with its green paddy fields and almond orchards is a very scenic place. There is also a stone temple complex dedicated to the warrior Goddess Durga built with local materials in an architectural style typical of the valley.

    Public and private transport buses regularly ply on the Shimla to Rohru route, making a halt at Hatkoti to drop and pick up passengers. Taxis can be availed from Shimla or Rohru to get to Hatkoti.