Shimla, Photo: Pixabay: 4267507

Shimla Weather

Shimla in December

The minimun and maximum temperature in December in Shimla is 1°C and 12°C respectively. The weather is generally snowfall in December and you would feel chilling cold throughout the day. Heavy Woolen clothes are recommended for Shimla in December.

Shimla Weather in December

It is the driest month of the year with a maximum temperature of 12 degree. Snowfall occurrence can be seen.

Weather in Shimla

Shimla in summer: Summers in Shimla begins in March and the weather is very pleasing and the temperature range between 4 to 15-degree Celsius. In the evenings, you can survive just by putting on light woolens.

Shimla in monsoon: Shimla in monsoon begins in July. The town witnesses heavy and nonstop rains for several days with extremely chilled surroundings and the temperature falls drastically during the monsoon.

Shimla in winters: Shimla witnesses winters from November to February with bone-chilling cold weather. You are chilled this time by the cold breeze coming from the Himalayas. You can also enjoy snowfall and snow activities in Shimla and Kufri.

Spring in March and the fall months of September to November have a charm of their own. The rising of curling mists during the rainy season of July and August give the hills a very romantic setting.

Best time to visit Shimla

The Shimla hill station is a year round destination, but best time to visit is from April to June, and from October to January. The best season to visit Shimla is during summer months that stretch from March to June, when the weather appears to be amazing as you only have to wear light woolens in the evenings. September to November is also considered as the best time to visit because the weather remains pleasant and you will witness a clear sky.

Clothing Required

During Summers: During summers its better to take and pack some light clothes
with warm clothes for the nights in the Shimla. Bearing a temperate climate, cotton clothes with light woolens are worn from April to October.

During Winters: During winter's carry and pack warm woolen clothes like jackets, cap, sweaters, muffler's and shawls. In winter's it can be extremely cold, so its better to prepare for it by having warm clothes with yourself. Heavy woolens and jackets are required for the winter which starts to set in from November and lasts up to March.

Rest of the Year: In spring and autumn thin sweaters and hoodies are needed to beat the morning and evening chills.

Advice: Make sure you carry a jacket, a raincoat, gumboots, and an umbrella during monsoons.

Now that you are aware of the ideal time to visit Shimla, you can plan your trip appropriately. Every season has its highs and lows, so you should base your decision on the activities you want to do, the Shimla attractions you want to see, and your ability to handle the weather and crowds. 

Shimla Temperature and Weather Details

MonthMin. TempMax. TempWeather
January is said to be the coldest month with a maximum temperature of 9 degree. Occurrence of snowfall can be seen in this month.
February2° C12° CSnowfall
The month of season remain cold in the year with a maximum temperature of 12 degree. The temperature low down to 0 degree during the night time.
March4°C15°CCovered With Snow
The snow melts away in the month of march and the season of spring arrives in march with a minimum temperature of 4 degree.
April8°C19°CPleasant And Clear
April month is the warmer month in the year with a minimum temperature of 8 degree.
May11°C25°CPleasant And Clear
It is the sunniest month of the year with a maximum temperature of 25 degree.
June14°C28°CSunny And Clear
The highest average monthly maximum temperature in Shimla is in the month of June i.e. 28 degree. It is also the warmest month of the year.
July14°C22°CHeavy Rains
The highest monthly rainfall occurs in the month of July. It is the wettest month in the year with the highest rainfall of maximum 22 degree.
It is the most rainy season of the month in the year with a maximum temperature of 21 degree.
September13°C21°CPleasant And Clear
It is the most rainy season of the month in the year with a maximum temperature of 21 degree. Thus season changes and fluctuates.
October9°C20°CPleasant And Clear
October month is pleasant and clear in the year with a temperature of 20 degree.
November6°C16°CChances Of Snowfall
With a maximum temperature of 16 degree snowfall can be held in the month of Nov.
It is the driest month of the year with a maximum temperature of 12 degree. Snowfall occurrence can be seen.