eUttaranchal Goals & Objectives

eUttaranchal is a collaborative effort to promote the culture, business and tourism in Uttarakhand. It is also an initiative to bring back the people of Uttarakhand to their homeland.

eUttaranchal was seeded in March 2003 with an objective to promote Uttarakhand over the Internet. Once just a concept, eUttaranchal is now proud to have turn this objective into reality.

We are NOT an NGO but a bunch of committed individuals who love to work as a team with Uttarakhand at their heart. We are a crazy team having a firm believe that we are going to be the "agents of change" in Uttarakhand. Love that? Join Us!

eUttaranchal Team dreams of a Developed, Educated, Healthy and Prosperous Uttaranchal with ample job opportunities for the youth to stop brain-drain.

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Social Objectives

1. Connecting People: One of the most important aspects of community development is to bring the people closer from all walks of life. eUttaranchal has instrumentally connected Uttaranchalis from various part of Uttarakhand, Indian and abroad, breaking all geographical barriers.

2. eUttaranchal Matrimonial : In line of connecting people for social advancement, eUttaranchal Matrimonial provides a platform for the people of Uttarakhand to search, connect and communicate with the other people for matrimonial alliances. Unlike other matrimonial services, eUttaranchal Matrimonial is ABSOLUTELY FREE with over 10,000 matrimonial profiles

3. Promote Uttaranchali Culture and Tradition- Uttaranchal is a culturally colorful society. Since, quite a lot people have migrated from Uttarakhand, our cultural heritage is at risk of extinction in the years to come. Through eUttaranchal, we try to preserve our cultural and tradition to pass on to the coming generations. Our long term goals include organizing cultural sessions at different cities across India. These sessions will include “Cultural awareness sessions” and "Kumaoni-Garhwali Classes”

Long Term Goals

1. Community Development: One of our long term goals is the overall community development of Uttarakhand using Problem Solving Method. Uttarakhand is blessed with several intellects whose knowledge if aligned together will definitely end up in bringing a difference to the lives of common people.

2. Checking the Brain Drain : Uttarakhand economy was once termed as “MoneyOrder Economy”. However, things are changing a bit with the industrial advancement resulting in job opportunities in the state. At eUttaranchal, we see a dream to stop the brain drain and bring the people to Uttarakhand!

3. Bringing Quality in School Education: The state of Education in Uttarakhand needs immediate attention especially for the Govt run schools. While Uttarakhand is bestowed with some of the most reputed educational institutions, the Primary schools are still deserted with the Teachers and quality of Education is pathetic.

4. Encourage Rural Entrepreneurship: At eUttaranchal, we see ample opportunities to develop rural entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand which inturn will not only put a check on migration but also attract the natives to come back to Uttarakhand.

Business Objectives

1. Marketing Uttarakhand Tourism and boosting the tourism sector in Uttarakhand including Public Private Partnership with the Govt. Departments

2. Collaborate with the locals to promote village tourism and involve local participation in the business to create more job opportunities improve the economic stability at the rural levels.

3. Marketing Uttarakhand's Products Online: Besides its scenic beauty, Uttarakhand's rich bio diversity (herbs and organic products), handicrafts and workmanship is impeccable. We want to world to acknowledge that.

4. Direct alliances with Hotels & Travel Houses and offering affordable travel solutions to the tourists.

5. Spreading the use of Internet Technology and enabling the business sector in Uttarakhand to reap out the most of the Technology making process faster and simpler.

6. Bringing technological advancement in every sphere of life.

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