Banyan Tree World School

Banyan Tree World School Dehradun is a Pre School in Dehradun. It is the best preparatory school in Dehradun that aims to build a community of confident global leaders with social conscience and national pride, committed to excellence and continuous learning. Banyan tree school Dehradun believes that teaching practices must continuously change and evolve to support these developments, with emphasis on developing relationships, values and to aim at true happiness.

All exercises are meant to allow kids to explore, play, Enquiry, Find and study at their very own pace. This is performed to aid their activity and innovativeness. This best play school in Dehradun provides protected and non-judgemental surroundings for kids. It is our rationality to regard each and every child as a person and help to study through a number of targeted activities. While we recognize the value of scholastics and are given to provide first-class training, we firmly have faith that along with children in revolutionary and performing expressions suggests them existence aptitudes, for example, articulating a dream, building fearlessness and self-control, building up a skilled observation, tolerating duty to end undertakings all the way, building up the potential to envision what can also be, and figuring out how to take care of problems and figure out.

Curricular Activities in Banyan Tree World School

This Dehradun Child School curriculum is multi-faceted, holistic, and meaningful, mainly designed to give an opportunity to every child to strengthen his extraordinary interests. Teachers ignite curiosity and the wish to research as an alternative to robotically push ideas; a methodology that turns getting to know into a mixture of classroom study, research, and scientific innovation.

Focuses On Key Developmental Stages

This Dehradun World School curriculum focuses on key developmental milestones in children between the ages of three and five-years-old. Younger children focus on honing large muscle and language skills. Four-year-olds work on fine motor skills and complete everyday activities. Older preschoolers broaden their learning experience to their communities, through trips and special events.

Encourages Cooperative Play

Because the teacher does not “run” the classroom, school students guide the activities they do in the course of the day. This encourages children to share and work cooperatively to discover more than a few stations in the Banyan Tree World School in Dehradun Uttarakhand. Children in Banyan Tree World School classrooms, by the very nature of the environment, learn to respect one another and build a sense of community.

Classroom Environment Teaches Order

All objects and activities have unique areas on the shelves of a Banyan Tree World School classroom. When children are completed with an activity, they place objects returned into their places. This experience of order helps facilitate the mastering process, teaches self-discipline, and caters to a younger child’s innate want for an orderly environment. When kids work and play in a region that is neat and predictable, they can unleash their creativity and focus fully on the learning process.

Facilities in Banyan Tree World School

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