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Difference Between Boarding And Day Boarding Schools?

Boarding is a word that is used in the sense of "room and board", i.e. lodging and meals. Boarding schools have existed for many centuries, and now spread across many countries in the world, their function and ethos change greatly. In boarding schools, students learn and live on the school campus. Here we will talk about the Boarding schools and Day-Boarding Schools.

What is Boarding School?

A boarding school is a school where students live within a campus or a school premises while being given formal instruction. Boarding schools are residential schools that mean students live at school during the whole academic year.

Children in Boarding school live and study in the school during the school year with their school mates, teachers, or administrators. The main goal of a boarding school is to provide students a learning environment where they can concentrate on their studies and reach out to their full potential.

Whether parents send their teenager to boarding school for work-related reasons or simply they want to provide the best education to their child.

What is Day-Boarding School?

Day boarding school is a boarding school in which students attend school by day and return to their families in the evening. In a day boarding school the students remain in the school for extended hours, school provide meals to the students, and they also can take part in activities and doing their preparation in the boarding house, but they do not stay overnight.

Day boarding school provides study space to the students but it does not provide a bedroom to them. Many working parents send their children to a day-boarding school because of the safety and security purposes and some parents send their child so that he/she will improve his learning skills, make good friends, etc.

Here is the list of difference between Day-Boarding School and Boarding School

1) Cost

Everyone knows that boarding school is more expensive as compared to day-boarding school. And the reason behind this is that in a day boarding school they attend their classes and take a meal or take some rest or play with their friends in the school premises.

But in a boarding school, the student spends their entire time on campus except for their intervals or holidays. Boarding school provides all meals, bedrooms, health and security measures, school stationery, etc.

2) Teachers Guidance

In a boarding school, there is a limited no. of students as compared to the day-boarding school. This helps teachers to fully concentrate on each student.

The weak students get appropriate guidance in boarding schools. In boarding school, can interact with their teachers any time as they are available on school campus throughout the day.

3) Discipline & Punctuality

Generally, naughty & disobedient kids are sent to boarding schools to change their attitude and behavior, boarding school provides those children's a sense of punctuality as well as discipline. Students have to be punctual as It works on well-planned timetables.

4) Success

As compared to day-boarding schools the rules at the boarding school are made in such a way that the children get easy access to their school and the post-school activities in the same secured environment.

This builds a strong competitive spirit inside them. It will make easy for them to manage their curricular and extra-curricular to come out and achieve success in their life.

Note:- Boarding and Day-Boarding schools both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some parents want their children to study in a boarding school and some admit their children to day-boarding schools as per their preferences. 

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Courtesy by Ecole Globale School, Dehradun

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