10 Oldest Schools In Dehradun

1. 10 Oldest Schools In Dehradun

It was before 100 years ago that Dehradun valley and its adjacent areas saw a boom in the school education, hence giving birth to plentiful of premier educational institutes during the colonial era. Even today Dehradun has consistently procured the title of the ‘city of Schools’ because it is continuously contributing majorly in residential as well as day schooling education.The atmosphere and weather of Dehradun is so pleasant that it is well suited for the students of all age group wh

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Army Schools In Dehradun

2. Army Schools In Dehradun

Army schools have been established to provide quality education to the children of Army officers. Initialli these Army schools have been started in around 130 places in India. The syllabus of these schools is modeled on lines with the CBSE board. Army schools are affiliated with the CBSE board. These schools are looked after by the Army Welfare Educational Society.

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Boys Boarding School In Dehradun

3. Boys Boarding School In Dehradun

Boys boarding schools are similar to boarding schools but the only difference is in boys boarding school only boys can study or stay at the hotel. The school does not give admission to the girls only boys get admission in boys boarding schools. When it comes to boys boarding school, Dehradun is one of the best choices in India. There are many popular boys boarding school in Dehradun which offers quality education to your child.Admissions to boys boarding schools in Dehradun are open for academic

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Dehradun Schools Which Are Ranked Among India’s Top 10 Best Schools

4. Dehradun Schools Which Are Ranked Among India’s Top 10 Best Schools

Dehradun schools were featured in the top 10 ranks in different categories in the 13th annual Education World India School Rankings (EWISR) survey conducted by Education World magazine in association with C Fore, Delhi.This particular survey was conducted with data gathered by interview method from sample size of 12,213 educationists, principals, teachers, parents and senior school students in 28 cities and education hubs across India. The survey was conducted to rate the country's Top 1,000 sch

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Difference Between Boarding And Day Boarding Schools?

5. Difference Between Boarding And Day Boarding Schools?

Boarding is a word that is used in the sense of "room and board", i.e. lodging and meals. Boarding schools have existed for many centuries, and now spread across many countries in the world, their function and ethos change greatly. In boarding schools, students learn and live on the school campus. Here we will talk about the Boarding schools and Day-Boarding Schools.

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Top 10 Boarding Schools In Dehradun

6. Top 10 Boarding Schools In Dehradun

Dehradun is the educational hub of India, many popular schools and universities established in Dehradun. Dehradun is a quiet and beautiful place that provides clean pollution less environment. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations which are situated on the foothill of the Himalayan range of the Garhwal region.Dehradun is also known as a “School Capital” of India. Also, the Wildlife Institute of India, the Indian Military Academy, the Indian Institute of Petroleum, the Natio

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