Uttarakhand is an absolute mine of natural gems, Satopanth Tal (Lake) is one of these gems. Satopanth is a high altitude lake located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and near to Badrinath Shrine. The lake considered sacred by the local people of Mana village, which is base camp village for Satopanth Lake.

Apart from religious significance Satopanth also become a famous trekking and camping site of Uttarakhand. This lake situated on the elevation of 4,600 metres (15,100 ft) above sea level and nestled amidst panoramic scenery of snow capped peaks. Satopanth remains frozen for almost all the time of year.

Trekkers can start their journey from beautiful frontier village Mana, 3 Km ahead of Badrinath. This virgin trail has lot of scenic view on the way. You can see spots like Vasundhara Fall, Laxmivan, Dhano Glacier and The back face of Mt. Nilkantha en route to Satopanth Lake.

Mythology of Satopanth Lake

It is belief that the trio of Hindu Gods, viz, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Lord Shiva) take bath in the Satopanth Lake in an auspicious day. Locals believe that some special type of birds are found here, which pick up the pollutants of the lake and thus keep the lake clean. These birds are not found anywhere. The local belief is that they are the Gandharvas perdue, who guards the lake against evils.

How to reach Satopanth Lake

The nearest railhead to Satopanth Lake is Rishikesh, which is 320 kms from here. You can reach Rishikesh from anywhere of India further you can hire cab or take shared taxi or buses from Rishikesh towards Badrinath via NH-58. 

Mana is a last village, which connects through roads and base camp for Satopanth Lake trek that is about 18 kms far.  Might be you have to split your journey in two part one day from Rishikesh to Joshimath and next day Joshimath to Mana due to some gate system (There is a time distributes for vehicles while travelling Joshimath to Mana and you can't drive after last gate exceed towards Badrinath, vice versa) between Joshimath and Mana.

Places during journey: Rishikesh - Srinagar - Rudraprayag - Karanaprayag - Joshimath - Badrinath - Mana.

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