Har ki Dun - Valley of Gods

Har Ki Dun is a cradle shaped valley set at an elevation of 3566 mts above sea level in Garhwal Himalayas. Being one of the remotest places to visit in Uttarakhand, Har ki Dun Valley offers spectacular views of virgin beauty of Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful places of India offering numerous trekking excursions. 

The valley being in high altitude is snow-covered from October to March. The 3 days trek through the valley is one of the most scenic treks in Uttarakhand. Trekkers and Visitors can see various mighty Himalayan Peaks like Bandarpoonch , Ruinsara Peaks and Swargarohini – I, II, III from Har Ki Doon Valley.

Har ki Doon is also written as Har ki Dun. The valley lies in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand state, very close to the border of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Kuari Pass Trek from Har ki Dun takes the travelers from Uttaranchal to Himachal Pradesh and Borasu Pass trek ends up at Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh.

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The trek from Taluka to Har Ki Dun is graded easy. This trek goes through some of the most isolated villages of India which are still unaffected by the civilization. The people of this region are very simple and friendly. 

The trekking path steadily ascends the side of the ridge across the river offering enchanting views of the majestic Himalayas. Shepherds come to this region for moths to graze their animals on the rolling grass. GMVN Tourist Rest House and Forest Rest House provide accommodation facilities in Har-ki-Dun. 

Activities in Har ki Dun

As Har Ki Dun is more of a trek route for the adventurous souls than your tourist folks, there is not much sightseeing available apart from the abundant natural beauty. However, one could trek further 4 kms from Har Ki Doon to reach Jamdhar Glacier and Morinda Tal. One also comes across temples dedicated to Duryodhana at Osla village.

Trekking: Har Ki Dun is one of the most rewarding trek in the Garhwal Himalayas which bestows trekkers with picture-postcard natural beauty in the form of cascading waterfalls, snow clad mountains, forests covered with pine and oak trees, gushing rivulets and rivers. 

Camping: Camping is one of the most amazing experiences one could have in the lap of nature. Setting up tents with friends under the clear night sky helps one relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day. 

Village Tourism: Along the way, one comes across hamlets that are inhabited by the indigenous communities of the region. One can explore the beautiful villages situated in the lap of nature and learn about their rustic way of life, customs and culture.

Staying in Har ki Dun

Forest Rest House and GMVN Guest House provide accommodation facilities in Har ki Dun. GMVN Guest House provides accommodation in dormitories and rooms. The best option is to carry camping tents because there are numerous amazing camping locations at Har ki Doon. Before Har ki Dun , accommodation options are also available at Seema, Osla, Taluka and Sankri

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Mythology of Har ki Dun

Har ki Dun lies in the valley of the majestic Swargarohini Peak. It is believed that Yudhisthir of the Mahabharata was sent to heaven with the dog from this peak. The ancestors of the people of this region have great influence of the characters of the Mahabharata.

The ancestors of this area and its surroundings were said to be under the reign of the Kauravas and Pandavas, the mythological royal warriors and kings in the epic Mahabharatha. The people in the Mori are followers of Kauravas, considered as anti-heroes in epic Mahabharatha.

How to reach Har ki Dun?

Buses to Purola are easily available from Dehradun. Taxis and Buses are available from Purola to Sankri. You can hire jeep from Sankri to Taluka, in order to avoid the 12kms trek. The real trekking route to Har ki Doon starts from Taluka. 14kms uphill climb and descends ends up at Seema. From Seema to Har ki Doon the route is steep and it descends for just couple of kilometers before reaching Har ki Doon. 

Road Route from Delhi:

Delhi - Meerut - Roorkee - Dehradun - Mussoorie - Naugaon - Purola - Mori - Sankri - Taluka - Trekking (28kms) - Har ki Doon 

Nearby Tourist Places from Har Ki Dun

The nearby tourist places that you can visit while trekking to Har ki Dun are Jamdhar Glacier and Morinda Tal. The Jamdhar glacier is visible by 4 kms trek from Har ki Doon towards the Swargarohini Peak, down the valley. But to reach the main Jamdhar Glacier one must travel 10 kms.

The beautiful Morinda Tal is situated 3kms from Har ki Doon. While trekking back you can also visit the temple dedicated to Duryodhana of Mahabharata at Osla Village. Ruinsara Tal is a high altitude lake and it serves as an important tourist excursion from Har ki Doon.

  • Although, Har Ki Dun trek is a graded easy, the distance covered is relatively more (38 km). Hence, the trekkers need to be physically fit for this trek.   
  • One can also find mules and porters for hire, especially during the trekking season if one has difficult carrying the luggage. 
  • When travelling in monsoons, make sure to check with local authorities, tour guides or tour operators about the weather and road conditions before you actually start your trip or trek.
  • It is advisable to have an experienced tour guide to accompany you on your trek. The guide would know the route well and help you valid going off course. 

Har ki Dun is famous for?

Har ki Dun is famous among tourist as Valley and Views.

Har ki Dun is recommended destination for Corporates, Couples, Family and Kids, Foreigners, Groups, Solo.

Har ki Dun is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Christmas and New Year, Trekking.

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