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Best Hotels & Resorts In Khurpatal

Wanna get dazed by the tantalizing vistas of Khurapatal, blanketed by the cottony soft clouds briskly moving across the lakeside. Come spend some lazy hours in the warm company of your loved ones at some of the best hotels in Kupratal.

1. Dynasty Resort in Khurpatal

Family Suite room Picture

The imperial Dynasty Resort set amidst the unspoiled Reserve Forest offers an undiluted experience to the connoisseur. This 3 starter retreat in Khurpatal is situated at 5,600 meters above sea level, in the beguiling shade of the verdant Himalayas. Being well equipped with modern amenities, the hotel boasts of its impeccable services and its Multi-Cuisine Restaurant that offers food for the soul.

2. Treebo Sweet Home Sunset Resort in Khurpatal

Treebo sweet sunset resort

This idyllic retreat cocooned near the sapphire blue Naini Lake is only 8 km away from Khurpatal and provides alluring views of nature. With every room customized to perfection, the Treebo Sweet Home Sunset Resort is a place to rewind and rethink about your new journey to begin at the lake city.

3. Camp Twilight in Khurpatal

Camp Twilight

A shack in the outdoors, with crisp winds surpassing your head and a hot cup of tea at your bedside that’s what to expect at Camp Twilight. Tucked at an altitude of 5,700 feet above sea level, this lively camp is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers who like to surrender themselves to the wild.

4. The Adventure Retreat in Khurpatal

The Adventure Retreat

Chase the lilac skies and feel the lemon green grass kissing your feet as you walk past your camp at the Adventure Retreat situated on a 17 km milestone near Mangoli about 5 km from Khurpatal. Besieged with diverse flora-fauna, the campsite offers an erotic fusion of Eco-Tourism, Adventure Tourism & Leisure Camping that you can only experience here.

5. The Jungle Pool Resort

The Jungle resort

The Jungle Pool resort in Khurpatal is a good option for travellers looking out for cottage in Khaurpatal. This budget resort in Khurpatal is one of the most popular resorts in Khurpatal amongst travelers. Many attractions are closed to this beautiful Khurpatal resort.

6. The Wood Nest

Wood Nest Resort

The Wood Nest cottage is located in Khurpatal and is 3.4 km from Nainital. The Wood Nest has a restaurant and guests can have fun at the water park. This resort in Khurpatal provides free private parking. This Khurpatal resort also provides a bike rental facility.

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