Places to See in Nanakmatta

Nanakmatta has 2 tourist spots and places to see.

Being a religious destination, there are not many sightseeing available at Nanakmatta except for the Nanakmatta Gurudwara and the adjoining Nanak Sagar Lake. There is a dam that is built on the Nanak Sagar which is frequented by tourists. One can also travel to nearby places such as Sitarganj and Khatima.

There are 2 tourist spots in Nanakmatta where travellers can spent their leisure time. Here you will find list of all the Nanakmatta sightseeing options which you must visit and plan your itinerary accordingly. Explore the hidden gems of Nanakmatta through this well-researched list, learn about the most happening places, things to do, famous picnic spots for a memorable vacation in Nanakmatta.

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Baoli Sahib

Baoli Sahib

0.5 km
Baoli Sahib is nestled on the tranquil banks of Ghagghar River. It is named after the small boali of water or an open well which was made by Shri Guru...
Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib

Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib

0.3 km / 4 mins
The Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib is one of the three holy places of Sikhs and is linked with Guru Nanak Dev, the first Sikh Guru who went there in 1514....

Some other places to see in Nanakmatta

Doodh Wala Kuan: Dhoodh Wala Kuan means Well of Milk. It is located near Gurudwara Nanak Matta Sahib. The yogis who inhabited this place had a large number of cows with them. Bhai Mardana expressed a desire for milk from Guruji. Guruji told him to ask the yogis for some milk as they were having large number of cows. The yogis refused to give him any milk and taunted him by telling him to get milk from his Guru. By virtue of his spiritual powers, Guru Sahib drew all the milk from the cows of the yogis and stored it in a well. This historic well is now constructed as Gurudwara Doodh Wala Kuan.

Peepal Tree: Guru Nanak Dev ji meditated under this dry Peepal tree, which turned green due to the holy sangat of Guruji. The yogis were surprised to see him meditating at this place was quite inaccessible and especially during the winter months. The yogis were jealous of Guru Nanak Dev ji so in order to obstruct the meditation of him they tried to pull out the peepal tree with their occult powers. The roots of the tree started coming out from the earth's surface to fly in the air. Guruji then placed his hands on the roots of the Pipal tree, to avoid the tree from coming out completely. The roots of the pipal tree above the ground can be seen even today. A century after the Guru Nanak Dev Ji's visit Bhai Almast sahib came here. Yogis burnt this tree to take revenge from Bhai Almast. Bhai Almast Ji then called Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji to take possession of this place and to restore it as a Sikh shrine. Guru Ji sprinkled saffron on the Peepal tree which came back to its full bloom.

Other Religious Places to Visit in Nanakmatta are:

Gurudwara Shri Doodh Wala Kuan, Gurudwara Shri Bhandara Sahib, Gurudwara Shri Almast Sahib, Gurudwara Shri Patsahi Chevin Sahib

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