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As Chopta is more of a trek destination for the adventurous souls than your tourists’ folks, there is not much sightseeing available at Chopta. However, visit to the Tungnath temple is always a beautiful reward. At an elevation of 3,800 mts, it is considered highest Shiva shrine in the world. Pilgrims visiting the Char Dham pilgrimage tend to visit Tungnath to offer prayers and seek blessings from Lord Shiva

There are 2 tourist spots in Chopta where travellers can spent their leisure time. Here you will find list of all the Chopta sightseeing options which you must visit and plan your itinerary accordingly. Explore the hidden gems of Chopta through this well-researched list, learn about the most happening places, things to do, famous picnic spots for a memorable vacation in Chopta.



Located on the Chandranath parbat in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, Tungnath is one of the sacred Panch Kedar. It is the highest temple of L...


5 kms
Chandrashila is the summit of the Chandranath Parbat on which Tungnath temple of Panch Kedar is located. Chandrashila can be reached by a further 1.5 ...

Some other places to see in Chopta

Tungnath: Tungnath is the highest temple of Lord Shiva perched at an elevation of 3,680mts above sea level. The sanctity of the region of Tungath is considered unsurpassed. Tungnath is one of Panch Kedar and Lord Shiva's arm is worshipped here. The trek to highest temple of Lord Shiva commences from Chopta. You can reach Tungnath by a 4km easy but steep trek.

Bugyals: Chopta is known for the the "Bugyals" which are easily accessible through a small and easy trek. These bugyals are perhaps the most easily accessible ones in Uttarakhand. Rohini Bugyal is one of the famous and largest meadow in the heart of Chopta.

A Bugyal is a high altitude alpine grassland. They are the excellent grazing grounds for the local herdsmen. The bugyals of Chopta are located at an altitude ranging from 3000 mts to 4000 mts.

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