Chopta in Autumn

Being situated at an astonishing height,  autumn is the arrival of winters in Chopta. The duration of Chopta in the autumn season is between mid of September to the mid of December. The temperature remains slightly cold in the day time and chilling cold at night. However, the weather of Chopta in Autumn remains pleasant to travel. 

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Why travel in Chopta during Autumn

There is no reason to visit Chopta during Autumn because Chopta is a place which looks heavenly beautiful in every season. However, you will witness the beauty of slowly dying leaves on the roadsides of chopta which makes it a perfect location for wallpaper alike photos. In the day time, there is a lot of possibilities to see Himalayan Monal, deer & other wild animals.

Chopta Tungnath & Chandrashila Trek in Autumn

Chopta trek is a Kaleidoscopic trek which looks amazing throughout the year. Autumn trek to Chopta is safe and also a good choice as it is a post-monsoon season when the blooming of flowers remains at its peak. Also, the Chopta trek is famous for its green 'Bugyals' which will inspire you to visit this place again and again. Visiting Chopta during Autumn is an amalgamation of pleasant days and chilling nights. Hotels and Shops during autumn in Chopta also remain open so plan to visit this place without any doubt in the Autumn season. And yes, there is a chance of snowfall in the mid of November if it rains.

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