Angyari Mahadev Temple

About Angyari Mahadev Temple

Angyari Mahadev Temple is situated on the border of Chamoli and the Bageshwar district. This holy temple established in the Gwaladam region of Chamoli district

Pilgrims can be reached here via Talwadi, Gwaladam, or Gairsain. Many pilgrims visit here in the month of Sawan, mainly the local village peoples.

Near Binatoli, Gwaldam
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Angyari Mahadev Temple in Gwaldam

Angyari Mahadev Temple is situated in a dense forest of Uttarakhand in Gwaldam. This holy temple has many religious values for local peoples. Along with these spiritual values, many devotees of Lord Shiva and trekking enthusiasts also visit here and see the wonderful form of Lord Bholenath.

Pilgrims have to trek 4 – 5 km to reach this holy Angyari Mahadev Temple. Pilgrims have to face some difficulty on the route of this holy temple in Uttarakhand. Usually, the route of Lord Shiva’s temple is difficult and inaccessible or pilgrims have to climb steep ridges but the route of Angyari Mahadev Temple is very different, pilgrims have to climb 2 km steep climb, then a straight path, then 1 km, and then half kilometer down to the valley.

The route of this temple is very slippery and passes through the dense oak forests of Burans. The place remains cools in every month of the year. The beautiful greenery is seen here in the month of Sawan.

Mythology About Angyari Mahadev Temple

Legends say that the Maharishi Angyari did penance to Lord Shiva here, that make Lord Shiva happy and he gave darshan to Angyari Maharishi here. It is also said that at that time the Ganga, Gomti, and Bhagirathi rivers also descended here. Over time, the Ganga river and the Bhagirathi river gradually disappeared, but parts of the Gomti river still exist here.

Angyari Mahadev temple is in two parts, the main temple is situated above the walkway and the second part of the temple is situated below the walkway, the nearby water source, which has been flowing continuously for years, the water of this river is fed on the Shivlinga. It is also said that every wish is fulfilled here who comes here with a sincere heart in the month of Sawan.

Best Time to Visit Angyari Mahadev Temple

Angyari Mahadev temple is visited by many pilgrims in the month of Sawan. The month of Sawan is the best time for visiting this place as you can witness the beautiful greenery of the place and also the peoples of some local villages come here for the darshan of Angyari Mahadev.

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