Bansi Narayan Temple

About Bansi Narayan Temple

Located in Urgam Valley in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Bansi Narayan Temple is an 8th Century Temple of single structure dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple lies 10 km ahead of Bansa, the last village in Urgam Village. Hence, there are no human settlements around the temple.

As the temple is located at an altitude of about 3600 mts, it is surrounded by the Himalayan range of Nanda Devi and enclosed within dense forests of oak and rhododendrons. 

12 Kms from Urgam Village

Bansi Narayan Temple in Kalpeshwar

The local people of Urgam Valley believe that Lord Krishna plays Raas Leela with his friends here. It is also believed that people with ardent devotion and faith in Lord Krishna can hear the sound of flute (bansi).

The doors of Bansi Narayan Temple only opens once a year, i.e. on the day of Raksha Bandhan. The sisters visit the temple and worship the Lord before tying Rakhi to their brothers. It is believed that the Bansi Narayan Temple was constructed during the exile of Pandavas.

Best time to Bansi Narayan Trek

Summers and spring are the best time to visit Bansi Narayan Temple with warm days and cool nights. Autumns are also a good time where the weather will be very pleasant.

During winters, the area is filled with snow and you may even stumble upon some during early spring moths of March and April as well.

Note: We advise you to avoid the trek during monsoons.

Location of Bansi Narayan Temple

Bansi Narayan Temple is located in 12 Kms from Urgam Village.

Location & How to Reach Bansi Narayan Temple

To reach the temple, you have to trek for about 15 kms for a duration of 10-12 hrs. The trek route is moderate and beautiful wherein you’ll pass through lush forests, scenic villages, rare Himalayan birds and wildlife, and ancient caves and temples.  

The 15 km trek to Bansi Narayan Temple starts from Devgram, a picturesque village in Urgam Valley.

Bansi Narayan Trekking route

Devgram – Bansa Village – Uruba Rishi Temple – Mulakharak –Bhagwati Devi Temple –Berjik Dhaar – Chetarpal Mandir – Nokchuna Dhar –Bansi Narayan Temple

Tip: Trek further 400 mts ahead and you’ll reach the summit and experience some the best views.


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What is Bansi Narayan Temple famous for?

Bansi Narayan Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Camping, Pilgrimage, Temples, Trekking.

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