Urgam Village

Urgam - Serene Village near Kalpeshwar

Located in the picturesque Urgam Valley near Joshimath in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Urgam Village is a scenic hamlet tucked at an elevation of about 2100 mts Surrounded by snow-clad peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas and enveloped in dense forests, farmlands, and apple orchards, Urgam Village lies in Urgam Valley which is far away from the modern lifestyle and takes you to a world of its own.

The place is famous for the ancient Shiva temple, Kalpeshwar Temple, one of the revered Panch Kedars. Kalpeshwar Dham lies just 2 km ahead of Urgam Village. 

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Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek
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Panch Kedar Yatra with Badrinath Dham
14 Days / 13 Nights
₹. 45,000.00
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Why should you explore Urgam Valley

Besides being home to Urgam Village, Urgam Valley is home to many other villages with their own distinct charm and beauty. The verdant valley offers one of the most memorable escape into the laps of nature with the Himalayas standing tall at the backdrop and the rich variety of flora and fauna flourishing merrily.

The locals of the valley place great importance to environmental conservation and their efforts can be seen through the well-maintained orchard, the practice of mixed farming, various initiatives undertaken by the committees, and a warm hospitable nature towards everyone. 

The valley is ideal to visit for a long vacation or a peaceful weekend getaway.

Activities in Urgam Village

Hiking: The trials of Urgam Village are ideal for hiking. You can hike to the nearby villages and temples of Urgam Valley and explore the forests and wildlife of the region.

Trekking: There are many small and long treks that you can undertake from Urgam Village. Easy treks of 7 – 8 kms like, Sundarvan and Bansi Narayan Trek can be undertaken from here. Both of these treks go through spectacular trails and offers one of the best views of the snow-clad mountains seated majestically at their thrones.

If you are looking for some adventure, then you can undertake tougher trek to Rudranath (one of the Panch Kedars) and other enjoyable treks. Check Kalpeshwar-Rudrnath Trek from Urgam Village

Treks from Urgam

  • Urgam valley (Kalpeshwar) to Sona Shikhar (6 days trekking)
  • Urgam - Bansinarayan - Nandikund - Pandavsera - Madhyamaheshwar - Ransi (14 days trekking)
  • Panch Kedar Trek (14 days trekking, with road travel)
  • Urgam to Dumak, Panar, Rudrnath to Sagar (5 days trekking)
  • Urgam to Fulanarayan - Dharamsheela - Badrinath (2 Days trek)

Camping: Set at a beautiful location, camping at Urgam Valley leads to an intrinsic bond with nature where you can enjoy the touch of fresh leaves, the soothing sound of streams, the colourful show of butterflies, and the twinkling night sky. There are many camping spots at Urgam Valley where you can pitch a tent and simply relish in the joy of being around such fascinating scenery.

Pilgrimage: The entire Urgam Valley is full of temples revered by the locals. Engage in a pilgrimage tour and visit these holy temples. Starting with the famous Kalpeshwar Temple, you can tour to dhams such as Banshinarayan Temple, Ful Narayana Temple.

There are other historical temples like Kedar dyul, Gora devi dyul temple, Nandi Nagkotha, Vishwkarma temple, Banga pani, Kalp Vriksha, Indra dhara, Amrit kund, Urva Rishi Temple, Ghantakarana temple, Nanda devi temple and Dhyan Badri temple in Urgam Valley. Dhyan Badri temple is comes under the Panch Badri temples.

Fairs and Festivals in Urgam

Urgam is also culturally very rich for its local folk art, folk dance and local mela (fairs). Some of the important fairs are are eleven days Shiva Parvati Vivah, Bansinarayan mela, Shivratri mela, Fulanarayan mela, and Nandastami mela and Mukhota dace. During these fairs men and women sing songs with traditional dances such as chanchdi, dakudi and jhumelo. 

Staying in Urgam Village

There are few homestays and hotels in Urgam Village, where you can stay. You can also do camping as well.

About Urgam Valley

The Urgam valley is known as his natural and spiritual beauty. The valley is situated among the shape of V of the hills. It is the 12 Kms by road from Helang/Helong (which is located on Joshimath Highway).  Urgam valley has also famous to his local crop pluses, beans and potatoes.

Location Map and How to reach Urgam Village

 Google Map: Urgam  Road Route from Haridwar

Urgam Village Photo Gallery

Kedar Temple in Urgam
Urva Rishi Temple in Urgam
Way to Kalpeshwar from Urgam
Bridge connecting Kalpeshwar and Urgam
Urgam Valley
Urgam Valley after snowfall
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