Bhowali Weather

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Bhowali in July

The minimun and maximum temperature in July in Bhowali is 24°C and 39°C respectively. The weather is generally cloudy and rains in July and you would feel pleasant throughout the day. Summer Clothes clothes are recommended for Bhowali in July.

Bhowali Weather in July

Amalgamation of rainy and sunny days. Temp remains hot.

Bhowali Temperature and Weather Details

Check out the month wise weather update for Bhowali


: 20°C / 0°C
: Pleasant And Clear
Very cool temp. Days are pleasant with normal sunlight. Good for outdoor activities.


: 23°C / 9°C
Feb is a cold month in Bhowali with pleasant and clear days.


: 27°C / 13°C
Temp remains calm and cool. Pleasant day with clear sky.


: 37°C / 18°C
Pleasant temp with bright sunny days. At night temp remains cool but days would be slightly hot.


: 42°C / 22°C
Hot with bright sunny days.


: 44°C / 23°C
Hot with bright sunny days.


: 39°C / 24°C
Amalgamation of rainy and sunny days. Temp remains hot.


: 37°C / 23°C
Temp remain pleasant with infrequent rainfall.


: 31°C / 17°C
Cloudy days with pleasant temp. It could rain sometime.


: 29°C / 17°C
Cold and pleasant days with warm sunlight. good for outdoor activities.


: 26°C / 12°C
Slightly cold days with pleasant temp. Temp could go down at night.


: 22°C / 0°C
Chilly days with fog in the air. Temp could go further down at end of the month.
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