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About Chaiti Devi Temple

Maa Bal Sundari Devi temple (Chaiti Mandir) is situated at Kashipur in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand. The temple is also known as Jwala Devi Mandir and Ujjaini Devi. It is one of the most popular temples of Kashipur. 

Many devotees come here to enrapture in the spiritual bliss and to pay regards at the holy shrine. The temple is named Ujjaini Devi after the old Ujjain fort of Kashipur town nestled near Drona Sagar.

Kashipur2 kms from Kashipur city of Udham Singh Nagar
2 kms / 9 mins
From Kashipur Junction Railway Station, Kashipur
30 mins

Chaiti Devi Temple in Kashipur

Chaiti Devi temple is a sacred Hindu shrine adorned in Kashipur town of Uttarakhand. The city is famous for its religious and mythical significance, as its name has been mentioned in the epic tale of Mahabharata that has been confirmed by the Archeological Survey of India. 

The Chaiti Devi temple can be easily approachable as it is situated at a distance of from Kashipur. Each year the temple hosts a grand Chaiti Mela or fair, which is celebrated with utmost gaiety by the local populace. In addition, during Navratra, the temple remains in festive mode.

Festival at Mata Bal Sundari Devi Temple Kashipur

Every year in the month of March, a ‘Chaiti Mela’ or fair is held in the premises of the temple. The devotees from far-away places come to see the fair.


Chaiti Devi Temple is also known as Bala Sundari Devi Temple as well.

Location of Chaiti Devi Temple

Chaiti Devi Temple is located in Kashipur ( 2 kms from Kashipur city of Udham Singh Nagar).

Location & How to Reach Chaiti Devi Temple

Chaiti Devi Temple is very close to the national highway NH 309A.. It is located very close to the Govishan (Dronacharya’s Place). Tourists and pilgrims can reach the temple easily as it is located between Kashipur and Bajpur, only 2.5 kms from Kashipur bus stand. 

Local buses and shared taxis are easily available in Kashipur which charge nominal fare to drop tourists at the gate of the temple. The nearest railway station is situated in Kashipur itself while the nearest airport is located in Pantnagar, some 63 kms away.        

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What is Chaiti Devi Temple famous for?

Chaiti Devi Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Devi Temples, Temples.

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