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Gairsain - Future Capital of Uttarakhand

Gairsain is a town and Municipal board in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is perched at an average elevation of 1650 meters above sea level.

Gairsain travel guide, places to see in Gairsain

Why Visit Gairsain?

The picturesque town of Gairsain is emerging as a tourist destination since it is a part of the major route connecting Garhwal and Kumaon region. Gairsain is located in the center of Garhwal and Kumaon and acts as an important town for both the regions. 

It is also the site of the source of the Ramganga River flowing near the Dudhatoli Parvat, the rising point of Ramganga river. The famous tourist attractions located in and around Gairsain are the Nanda Devi National Park, Vasundhara Falls, Adi Badri, Vriddha Badri, and Yog Dhyan Badri.

About Gairsain Name

The unique name of Gairsain has been derived from the two Garhwali words 'gair' meaning at some depth and 'sain' meaning plains. However, this is an incorrect word-formation according to the Garhwali language, whereas in Kumaoni it forms a correct word which refers to ‘deep plains’. 

Activities in Gairsain

Nature Walks: Gairsain is known for its lush greenery and undulating verdant hills that surround this quiet town situated at the heart of Uttarakhand. A number of nature trails in and around Gairsain could be explored with family and friends.

Village Tourism: One can explore the rustic life of village folks and learn about their way of life, customs, and cultures that could be quite an experience. The fairs and festivals tell a lot about the belief system of the people in hilly regions.

Gairsain Travel Tips

  • Gairsain is seriously being considered as the future capital of Uttarakhand due to its proximity to both Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.
  • The locals are very welcoming and friendly in Uttarakhand and one can easily talk with them and understand their culture, customs, and way of life.

Finding accommodation at Gairsain is quite difficult as the town is not a popular destination among tourists. There are very few guesthouses available, that too, with limited amenities. The government plans to develop Gairsain as a tourist place in the future. For the time being, Gairsain offer little in terms of accommodation. Another option is to find accommodation at Chaukhutia which is30 kms from Gairsain.

Gairsain does not have fancy restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. Being a small town, only a handful of roadside dhabas and eateries are set up in Gairsain that serve North Indian cuisine and popular Chinese dishes. Apart from that, one may find local restaurants serving authentic Kumaoni dishes like Chainsoo, Gehat Dal, Sisunak Saag etc.

According to the ancient Hindu scriptures of Purana, Brahmaputra has been mentioned as the powerful central Himalayan kingdom of Kedarkhand region (present Garhwal region), having Gairsain as its capital. Another historical source states that the Chinese traveler, Hiuen-Tsang visited Gairsain, the capital of Brahmaputra Kingdom during the 7th century and citing the location of the Brahmaputra Kingdom which was dominated by the female rulers. 

In 2000, when Uttarakhand, a separate state was carved out of Uttar Pradesh, Gairsain was proposed as the temporary capital but due to the lack of facilities in the region, Dehradun was made the interim capital. However, it is speculated that Gairsain will be the future capital of Uttarakhand.

Know more about Gairsain

Gairsain is basically a large area in the Rift Valley. Some of the popular tourist places that are located in the proximity of Gairsain are Chaukhutiya, Ranikhet, Karnaprayag, Kausani, and Dwarahat. The ideal time to visit this place is in winter and during the onset of summers. October to March are the favorable months for having a rendezvous with Gairsain as the climate remains pleasant during these months.

Gairsain as Future Capital of Uttarakhand

Situated in the heart of Uttarakhand state, Gairsain acts as an important town for both Garhwal and Kumaon regions. Gairsain covers a large area suitable for the construction of the capital and accommodating people. Gairsain is also emerging as a tourist place and it is also a part of the major route which connects Garhwal with the Kumaon region.

Gairsain has been a controversial town of Uttarakhand state since its formation for Captial City, instead of Dehradun. Due to its proximity to both the regions and because it is situated in hills, Gairsain is being mooted as the future summer capital of Uttarakhand.

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What is Gairsain famous for?

Gairsain is famous among tourist as Temples and Scenic Beauty.

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