Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park

About Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park

Haldwani popularly known as the ‘commercial hub of Uttarakhand’ is all set to make waves in the entire country by launching an International zoo-cum-safari. This proposed zoo will be set in the Gaulapur’s Krishanpur area in Haldwani and will be the first ever ‘Carbon Neutral’ zoo in the country which means there will be zero emission of carbon from the premises. 

In HaldwaniGreater Haldwani, Golapaar, Gaula Bridge, Gola Range, Uttarakhand
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Currently this zoo is under contruction and tourists are not allowed.

Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park in Haldwani

Haldwani Zoo ‘India’s First Carbon Neutral Zoo to come up In Haldwani’

To cut off the harmful carbon emission the zoo will adopt natural energy resources such as the sun, the wind, and water to harness electricity. In addition to this clean energy &, waste management solutions will also be implemented in the zoo, including the solar hybrid energy system, wind turbine, fully automated in vessel organic waste composter, solar thermal water heating system, solar street lightning, bio-toilets and much more. Even the construction materials will include wood and other ‘green’ components, various species of plants that absorb carbon such as bamboo and different varieties of grasses.

About Haldwani Zoo 

The Haldwani Zoo will have a sole identity unlike the prior decision made in which it was decided to make it a satellite of GB Pant High Altitude Zoo in Nainital. The zoo-cum-safari will have 19 segments, including a botanical garden and biodiversity park. The premises will be divided into different sections including separate ones for carnivores, herbivores, and birds. This ambitious project will be completed within 2-4 years and the animals will be ‘immersion exhibits’ which means they will not be caged. 

Inside the Zoo

Approved by the Central Zoo Authority, the Haldwani Zoo will house a wide variety of animal, plant and bird species including leopards, elephants, reptile, amphibians and birds species. The mammoth zoo will also feature a veterinary hospital, rescue center for the wild animals and a conservation breeding center as well.  The zoo will also nurse the wildlife of lower altitude animals who often fail to survive in the high altitude zoo of Nainital. To offer a memorable experience to its visitors, there will be a monorail at the service of the visitors so they can enjoy a thrilling wildlife safari. The best part is that the tourists can also access the ‘Walking Aviary’, a lane created in the habitat of the housed birds for a soul refreshing experience.

Main attractions and facts of Haldwani Zoo

  • Spread over 412 Hectares.
  • Approved by central zoo authority.
  • India's first Carbon Neutral Zoo.
  • State of Art Wildlife Veterinary Facilities.
  • Walk in Aquarium.
  • Wildlife Safaries ( Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Sloth bear, Deers).
  • African Safari
  • Australian, American and European animal zones.
  • Walk in aviary.
  • Monorail and Toy train
  • Eco-cafeteria
  • Jurassic Theme Park
  • Bio Diversity Park
  • Crocodile Pool
  • Butterfly Park
  • Uttarakhand Knowledge centre
  • Primate Zone
  • Childre & Jogging park

Note: Currently this park is in construction phase and will be open shortly . 


Location of Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park

Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park is located in In Haldwani ( Greater Haldwani, Golapaar, Gaula Bridge, Gola Range, Uttarakhand ).

Location & How to Reach Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park

Haldwani is well connected by Highways and railway trek. Nearest airport Pantnagar, is about 30km from Haldwani. You can use taxis and local transport to reach Haldwani Zoo which is situated in Greater Haldwani region in  Gola Range of Uttarakhand.

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What is Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park famous for?

Haldwani Zoo and Safari Park is popular place for following activities/ interests - Bird Watching, Kids & family spots , Zoo, Zoological Parks.

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