Narayan Koti Temple

About Narayan Koti Temple

Narayana Koti is a group of temples dedicated to Lakshmi Narayana which is associated with Pandavas. The mention of this temple group is also found in Kedarkhand. The ancient temples group of Narayankoti is an amazing piece of architecture.

The temple group is said to have been built before the 9th century AD. From time to time, due to the impact of disasters and lack of care, now there are only 29 temples, whereas in the past there were 360 temples in groups.

near Guptkashi3 kms from Guptkashi towards Kedarnath
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Narayan Koti Temple in Guptkashi

 Nine planetary temples are also enshrined in the temples present in this temple group complex, which is installed as a symbol of the planets. The name of the planets are written in carved letters on each wall. Devotees come here for the peace of planetary worship and fasting. 

The complex includes the temples of Lakshminarayana, Veerabhadra and Satyanarayana Bhagwan. The complex has a stone tank. It is called Virabhadra Kund or Brahmakund. 

Two streams of Ganga-Yamuna flow in the Kund, but despite being connected to the Kedarnath Yatra route, this religious place is still far from devotees.

Mythological Importance

Narayan Koti Mandir Samuh is the exact location where Lord Krishna showed his one crore Narayana forms to the Pandavas when they were morose for not been able to meet Lord Shiva.

Location of Narayan Koti Temple

Narayan Koti Temple is located in near Guptkashi ( 3 kms from Guptkashi towards Kedarnath).

Location & How to Reach Narayan Koti Temple

Located 3 kms from Guptkashi towards Kedarnath Road and be reached easily by road. Char Machan Resort is located close to this group of temples.

Location of Narayan Koti Mandir Samuh

Read How to Reach guide for Guptkashi.

What is Narayan Koti Temple famous for?

Narayan Koti Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Pilgrimage, Religious, Temples.

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