About Pandavkholi

Pandukholi (Pandav Kholi) is named after the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. The caves of Pandukholi are situated at a distance of 27 km from Dwarahat. Padukholi is a scenic place located in the lofty hills of Doonagiri in Almora District

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Between Dwarhat and Chaukhutiya5 Kms from Kukuchina Village
24 kms / 45 mins
From Dwarahat Taxi Service, Dwarhat
Free Entry
4 hr

Pandavkholi in Dwarahat

The name Pandukholi literally suggests 'Pandu' that is Pandav and 'Kholi' meaning shelter. It is said that Pandavas resided in this place during the first year of Agyatvas on completing their 14 years of exile.

Five stones of Pandavs

Location of Pandavkholi

Pandavkholi is located in Between Dwarhat and Chaukhutiya ( 5 Kms from Kukuchina Village).

Location & How to Reach Pandavkholi

The Pandukholi caves can be easily reached as it is located between Dwarhat and Chaukhutia. These ancient caves are situated 27 kilometers from Dwarhat and 10 kms from Dunagiri. In order to reach the caves, the visitors are required to 5 km uphill trek which starts near the Dunagirl temple

Himalaya Views from Pandav Kholi

Dunagiri is well connected with other towns and cities of Uttarakhand via motorable roads (NH 87). Nearest railway station is at Kathgodam while Pant Nagar has the nearest airport.

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What is Pandavkholi famous for?

Pandavkholi is popular place for following activities/ interests - Hiking, Pilgrimage, Religious, Temples.

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