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Ralam Dhurra Pass

Ralam Dhurra Trek Expedition

Seated at an elevation of 5630 mts, Ralam Dhura Pass is a magnificent pass also referred to as Sipu Pass by the locals. Ralam Dhura Pass is situated at Munsiyari tehsil of Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand

The trek to Ralam Dhura Pass is one of the toughest in the region and takes at least 10-12 days to complete. On your journey to Ralam Dhura Pass, you’ll not just trek through spectacular landscape but cross two high altitude passes and three glaciers too!

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About Ralam Dhura Pass

In earlier times, Ralam Dhura Pass was called Ralam Pass by locals who traveled to Darma Valley from the Ralam side and Sipu Pass by locals who traveled to Ralam Valley from the Darma side.

As per records, Ralam Dhura Pass was first crossed by a Scottish Himalayan Expedition in 1950 from Ralam side and by Mr.Krishnan Kutty and his team in 2005 from Darma side.

Despite its difficulty, Ralam Dhura Pass is considered one of the best expedition for adventure lovers who are looking for challenging trails to feed their adrenaline, awe-inspiring views to nourish their soul, and leveling up their trekking game. 

About Ralam Glacier

Ralam Glacier is an enchanting Himalayan glacier idyllically situated in Munsiyari tehsil of Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. It lies on the foothills of the Great Himalayas. The glacier is located near Ralam Dhura at Ralam Khal in Kumaon region. 

Ralam glacier is perched at an altitude of 2,290 metres about 7,510 feet above sea level. This glacier is divided into two parts namely Upper Ralam and Lower Ralam. Also, there are three pristine glaciers which meet Ralam glacier namely Kalabaland, Sutela and Yangchar. The length of Ralam glacier from Munsiyari is about 15 km. 

Best time to visit Ralam Dhura Pass Trek: The best time to visit Ralam Dhura Pass is during the months of April – June and September – November. The weather at this time is pleasant for high-altitude treks.

During winters, the trek is inaccessible due to high amount of snowfall. During monsoon, the route leading to Ralam Dhura Pass remains blocked and it is quite risky to undertake trekking during that time.

Trek Route of Ralam Dhurra Pass

Munsiyari (2150 mts) – Chilamdhar (2150 mts) – Paton (2160 mts) – Lungrani (2280 mts) – Killadum (3290 mts) – Ralam (3640 mts) – Yankchar Pass Base Camp (3750 mts) – Yankchar Pass ABC (4360 mts) – Yankchar Dhura Pass (4700 mts) – Ralam Pass ABC (5150 mts) – Ralam Dhura Pass (5630 mts) - Nipchukang Glacier (4350 mts) – Dantu (3440 mts) – Nagling (2930 mts) – Munsiyari (2150 mts)

Ralam Dhura Trekking Video

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Activities in Ralam Dhurra Pass

High altitude trekkingTrekking has to be the top things to do in Ralam Dhula Pass, as there is no other way to get there. The 10 – 12 days trekking to Ralam Dhula Pass goes through beautiful valleys, clear streams, steep ascents, herds of sheep, towering glaciers, and heavenly landscape that will never fail to dazzle anyone. Coming face-to-face with the snow-capped mountains and the feeling of being on top of the world is surreal to say the least.

CampingThe base camps for Ralam Dhula Pass trek are surreal to say the least. Set at a high altitude, camping on your journey to Ralam Dhula Pass not just lets you enjoy the breath-taking sights in front of you but helps you rejuvenate from the tiring journey and start off next day with increased vigor.

Photography: We advise everyone undertaking Ralam Dhula Pass trek to take a good quality camera with them. The joy and pride of capturing one of the best forms of nature is inexplicable. And the regret of not doing so is haunting.

Village TourismThere are many villages that comes across in the route to Ralam Dhura Pass trek. Paton Village and Bui Village are the first villages of the regions and you can engage in exploring the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the people. The last village on your trek route, Ralam Valley is a high altitude village which remains covered in snow during winters. The people of Ralam Village migrate to lower regions of Paton and Bui villages during winters to escape the snow. Simply observing their lifestyle, which is so different from the urban lifestyle we are used to seeing is a delight. 

Suggested Ralam Dhula Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Reach Munsiyari
As the journey from Delhi to Munsiyari is a long one, you’ll spend the day/evening resting and basking in the beautiful atmosphere of Munsiyari.

Day 02: Munsiyari – Paton Village (Trek duration- 7 km/4-5 hrs)
Get permits in Munsiyar and start your journey after a healthy breakfast, after which you’ll leave for Chilamdhar in vehicle. Chilamdhar is the starting point of the trek and the 7 km is an easy one. Paton Village is the first village that you will come across in this trek.

Day 03: Paton Village –Lungriani (Highest altitude- 2300 mts, Trek duration- 11 kms)
With the enchanting Ralam River flowing alongside it, Lungraini/Lungrani is a beautiful location where you will meet the villagers of the valley going about with their daily activities.

Day 04: Lungriani –Killadum (Highest altitude- 3290 mts, Trek duration- 10 km)
With an altitude gain of about 1,000 m, trek from Lungraini to Killadum/Kilatham will be the most challenging one so far. You’ll come across beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna and plenty of green vegetation here.

Day 05: Killadum –Ralam Village (Highest altitude- 3640 mts, Trek duration- 8 kms)
The serene Ralam Village is a mesmerizing village which remains covered in snow during winters. This is the last village in the trek and people migrate to the lower regions of Paton village during winters to escape the heavy snow. Camping in Ralam Village is one of the highlights of this trek with the snow-covered peaks gently peeking through the soothing landscape.

Day 06: Ralam Village –Ralam Glacier (Highest altitude-3900 mts, Trek duration- 9 kms)
The 15 km long Ralam Glacier is one of the main Himalayan glaciers situated in Uttarakhand. The enchanting view of Ralam Glacier where three other glaciers, Kalabakand, Sutela, and Yangchar meet is totally captivating. Many trekkers undertake a short version of Ralam Dhura Pass trek where they trek till Ralam Glacier and then return back.

 Deepak Ganghariya : Rajrambha - It is the name of a Himalayan mountain peak, situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state of India. It means 'celestial nymph' (Apsara) in Hindi. This peak is situated south of the Kalabaland Glacier in eastern Kumaun in the Ralam valley. The summit of the peak is 6,537 m. The nearby peaks which form the north-south massif are Suitilla 6,373 m, Chaudhara 6,510 m, and Ngalaphu 6,410 m.

Day 07: Ralam Glacier –Yankchuri Base Camp (Highest altitude- 4250 mts, Trek duration- 10 kms)
The climb to Yankchuri base camp is very steep and you must ensure that you are taking enough food and protecting yourself well. From here, you will see spectacular views of the mountain peaks of Danghtal, Nanda Bhanar, Nandakot, and Kuchela Dhura.

Day 08: Yankchuri Base Camp – Ralam Dhurra Base Camp (Highest altitude- 5250 mts, Trek duration- 6 kms)
From Yankchuri Base Camp, you will go through Yankchur Dhurra Pass to reach Ralam Dhurra Base Camp. After a steep climp towards Yankchur Dhurra Pass, you’ll have to descent towards Yankchuri Glacier. The mountain peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Chiring We, Burphu Dhura, Kuchela Dhura, among others look spellbinding from the top of the pass. After numerous ascents and descents, you’ll finally reach Ralam Dhurra Base Camp.

Day 09: Ralam Dhurra Base Camp – Ralam Dhurra Pass – Nipakchung Valley (Highest altitude- 5630 mts, Trek duration- 10 kms)
After trekking to Ralam Dhurra Pass, rejoice in the successful completion of reaching the summit and start the 10 km descent to Nipakchung Valley. Camp at Nipaakchung meadows.

Day 10: Nipakchung Valley –Dantu Village (Highest altitude- 3440 mts, Trek duration- 16 kms)
You begin your return journey by descending to Dantu Village. Dantu Village is an attractive hamlet with the imposing Panchachuli peaks in the background. After reaching Dantu Village, you can choose to explore the nearby regions. Night stay in Dantu Village.

Tip: You can also extend one day, by trekking to Panchachuli Base Camp as well.

Day 12: Dantu to Dharchula
Reach Dharchula from Dantu by road. Stay in Dharchula hotel.

Day 13: Dharchula to Kathgodam 
Early morning after breakfast we will leave for Kathgodam/Haldwani. You can continue your journey afterwards to reach your home town.

*Note: Keep at least 2 buffer days in between for acclimatization or non-trekking days due to weather.

Ralam Dhula Pass Trek Guidelines/Tips

As Ralam Dhula Pass trek is a difficult trek suited only for experienced trekkers and mountaineers, the primary thing that should not be overlooked for this trek is fitness, skill, and experience in trekking.

  • Practice regular exercise, strength training, and aerobics so as to improve you stamina and endurance.
  • Gradually increase your trekking distance and altitude level. Opt for Ralam Dhula Pass trek only after you are proficient in other moderate high altitude treks.

After these foundational requirements are met, it is important that you carry all the trekking gears and essentials for the trek and take care of yourself throughout the journey.

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Do not over exert yourself. Rest frequently as you gain altitude.
  • Pay attention to Attitude Sickness and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and prepare for it in advance. Attitude sickness is a common phenomenon when you climb high altitudes. Pay attention to symptoms of attitude sickness like breathlessness, headaches, and nose bleeding and take rest. Practice deep breathing and carry a box of medicines which may come handy.
     A much serious condition is AMS where you’ll feel nausea, cough, disorientation, and severe headaches. Talk to your guide in case of AMS and take precautionary actions.

Ralam Dhurra also written as Ralam Dhura, Ralam Durra pass, Ralam Glacier Trek, Ralam Trek, Ralam Dhura Pass Trek

Ralam Dhurra Pass Photo Gallery

Ralam Glacier West
Ralam Glacier East
Ralam Bugyal
Rajrambha - It is the name of a Himalayan mountain peak, situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state of India. It means 'celestial nymph' (Apsara) in Hindi. This peak is situated south of the Kalabaland Glacier in eastern Kumaun in the Ralam valley. The summit of the peak is 6,537 m. The nearby peaks which form the north-south massif are Suitilla 6,373 m, Chaudhara 6,510 m, and Ngalaphu 6,410 m.
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