High Altitude Mountain Pass, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand shares a cherished portion of the western Himalayas that embraces picturesque landscapes, ancient temples, and the unique Himalayan culture. Apart from this, Uttarakhand also holds a group of highest and toughest Mountain passes in the world.

A Mountain pass is a trail through the arduous mountain range or over a ridge. Have a quick look at the list of the glorious Mountain passes of Himalayas in Uttarakhand and back your bags to leave for an anonymous travel. 

Some of the Passes in Uttarakhand

  1. Auden's Col
  2. Lipulekh Pass
  3. Mana Pass
  4. Mayali Pass
  5. Sin La
  6. Traill's Pass
  7. Borasu Pass
  8. Nama Pass
  9. Balcha Dhura Pass
  10. Badahoti Pass
  11. Ghatarliya Dura Pass
  12. Kalindi Pass or Kalindi Khal Pass
  13. Koi Dhura Pass
  14. Bhyundar Pass
  15. Marchyok Pass
  16. Niti Pass
  17. Topidhunga Pass
  18. Shal-Shal Pass
  19. Sunderdhunga Pass
  20. Tanjun
  21. Latu Dhura Pass
  22. Sela Dhura Pass
  23. Laspa Dhura Pass