Activities In Chakrata

There many activities in Chakrata through which you can spare your time according to your convenience. The names of the activities are:

Tiger Fall

This is one of the main attractions of Chakrata. Here you can be reached by trekking. It is also one of the highest waterfalls in India, at an elevation of 312 ft above the sea level. This is a famous picnic spot which is located in the backdrop of dark green woody trees. It can be reached by trekking for 5 km from Chakrata.


There are many places to visit in Chakrata for hiking like Deoban, Ram Tal Horticulture Garden, Mukba, Koti Kanasaar, Vyas Sikhar and Chilmiri Neck. These places are situated in the hilly terrains of Chakrata and give a beautiful view of the Himalayan mountain range.

Temple Visit

There are only two major temples in Chakrata which have its own importance and stories among devotees. The names of the temple are Chinta Haran Mahadev, Mahasu Devta Temple and Lakhamandal Mandir.


There are many agencies in Chakrata who organize camping at different places along with adventure activities. The names of the agencies are Camp Redstone, Raincoats Camp, Himalayan Eco Lodge Camp and Nature Camp.


If you are a biking lover, then go for it in different routes of Chakrata, as the city offers perfect tracks for biking. Vikas Nagar, Poanta Sahib is the best place for biking.


You can enjoy rafting at River Yamuna with your friends, families and kid. There are many certified river rafting experts and instructors available to make your rafting experience safe and full of adventure.

Assan Barrage

This place is situated near the confluence of two rivers Assan and Yamuna. Here you can see varieties of birds. These birds are spotted here on their way to southern India (October-November) and again on their way back (late February-March).

Lakhamandal Caves

There is only one caves n Lakhamandal. The name of the cave is Dhundi Odaari in local Jaunsari language. The locals believe that the pandava took shelter in these caves to save themselves from Duryodhana.

Ashoka Rock Edict

It is famous for "Ashoka Rock Edict" which was discovered by a Britisher John Forest in 1860. The ethics & life time idols of king Ashoka have been inscribed on the rock which is 10 feet in length, 10 feet in height & 8 feet in width. It is located very close to Kalsi near to Forest check post Gate.

Explore Jaunsari Culture

You can explore the lifestyle and culture of local people who are living in Chakrata. Mainly Jaunsari people are living in Chakrata. They also have a special dance form and songs.

Planning to visit Chakrata?

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