Skiing, Uttarakhand

Famous Skiing Destinations in Uttarakhand

Skiing is one of the most popular recreational activity and winter sports in the world. The thrill of gliding downhill on snowy slopes is sure to keep adventurers wanting for more. Skiing is relatively new sport introduced in India. However, it is solely gaining popularity among the younger generations in recent years. Indian Himalayas could become ideal playground for skiing and for some of the best ski resorts in India.

Skiing in India is slowing gaining momentum as an adventure sport. Uttarakhand tourism is also developing plan for ski resorts in the state. Talking to cold breezed air with speeding skies and feeling alive from inside is the phenomenal feeling of this world anyone can have. 

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Skiing in the valleys of Uttarakhand is just an amazing experience to gain; you never know when you’ll fall for the mountains while playing on those mountains. Skiing in Uttarakhand means giving pleasure to your traveling goals and coming closer to the Mother Nature.

Auli ski resort for skiing is well-known hangout for ski enthusiasts every winter when the meadow is covered in fresh snow. Snowfall in Uttarakhand helps create ideal skiing slopes for the amateur as well as professional skiers. Auli is a popular winter tourist place in Uttarakhand and is known to have one of the best ski resorts in the world. Tourists come to Auli from all over the country to experience the extreme sport of skiing and enjoy the Himalayan view.

Great things never come from comfort zone that’s why live, breathe and smile. Life is short and goals are unlimited, skiing will take you to the next level of freedom where you’ll get to know your goals much better than yesterday.