Kedartal Trek

Kedartal is an immaculate lake holding crystal clear water. The picturesque Kedartal is situated at the base of the Thalay Sagar (6,904 mts) and Brigupanth Peak (6,772 mts). The view of the reflections of Thalay Sagar peak on Kedartal is truly enchanting.

Kedartal is  one of the highest lakes in Uttarakhand, situated at an astounding altitude of 4,912 mts above sea level in Uttarkashi district . This emerald lake is the source of Kedar Ganga, an important tributary of Bhagirathi River.

The 17 km trek to Kedartal from Gangotri is arduous but the beauty and experience is worth giving a try. This trek requires previous trekking experience in the mountains. The trekking trail goes along with Kedar Ganga, sliding zones, rugged and rock terrains. 

Kedartal is surrounded by Thalay Sagar, Bhrigupanth, Jogin 1, Jogin 2 and other Himalayan peaks. You can see a rich variety of high altitude fauna like Bharal, Ghoral, Fox and the Himalayan Black Bear during the trek.

Kedartal Travel Guide

Distance from Delhi: 471kms + 17km (trek)

Best season: May to November

How to reach Kedar Tal?

The trek to KedarTal commences from Gangotri. This 17 km trek is advised to complete in three days so that you can acclimatize well at high altitude. But you can also complete this trek in two days. The camping points of the trek are Bhoj Kharak, Kedar Kharak and Kedartal.

Road Route from Delhi:

Delhi - Meerut - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Chamba - Uttarkashi - Gangotri - Trekking (17 kms) - Kedar Tal

Accommodation in Kedar Tal?

Gangotri is the last point where you can get accommodation facility while traveling to Kedar Tal. During entire trekking route you must carry your own camping tents for accommodation.  

Nearby Tourist Places

Do visit Gangotri Dham before starting journey to Kedar Tal. Gangotri is one of the char dhams of Uttarakhand state. While coming back from Kedar Tal one nights halt at Harsil is recommended.

Staying in Kedartal

Kedartal is a popular winter trek which attracts adventurous souls to this place. There are no hotels, resorts or guesthouses en route to Kedartal. The trekkers usually take camping equipments along with them and camp along the trail when they halt at night. Tents can also be rented from the town close to the base camp. The tour operators generally provide the camping equipments. 

  • Kedartal trek is a little strenuous trek as compared to others and thus a perfect trek for experienced trekkers. Proper fitness physically and mentally is required.
  • Since this trek requires one to travel to a height of 5,000 meters in few days, acclimatization is necessary to avoid high-altitude sickness. Camping overnight after every few thousands metres is advisable.
  • Hire an experienced trekking guide to accompany you in your trek. These guides have much knowledge and expertise about the route.
  • Trekking in monsoon season should be generally avoided, especially by novice trekkers, as the region sees incessant rains which could lead to cloudbursts, landslides and roadblocks. Check with local authorities before you plan your journey.

Kedartal is famous for?

Kedartal is famous among tourist as Trekking .

Kedartal is recommended destination for Foreigners, Groups, Solo.

Kedartal is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Lakes, Trekking.

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