Buddha Temples and Monasteries, Uttarakhand

Buddhism has always had a great significance in India; it has been promoting peace of mind and purity of the soul since its very beginning. With a rich diversity in India, Buddhism has always paved its way in the Himalayan region of the country and thus there are many Buddha Temple in India, with Uttarakhand having some as well.

List of Buddhist Monastries and destinations in Uttarakhand

There are some very famous Buddhist Monasteries in Uttarakhand. There are other Buddha Temples in Uttarakhand located in Mussoorie and Dehradun. The Buddha Temples & Monasteries in Uttarakhand are a must-visit Buddha Temple in Uttarakhand. Want to know which towns have these spectacular Buddhist Monasteries in Uttarakhand, check out the listing below. You will find various travel destinations of Buddhism point of interest.