Har ki Dun in Winters

Ask any seasoned trekker what are few breathtaking winter trekking destination in Uttarakhand and more often than not, you’d heard about Har ki Dun. The winter trek to the hanging valley is a memorable experience mainly due to the uninterrupted panoramic view of the snow clad Himalayan peaks from close quarters. Adventures souls can even spend their New Year’s Eve amidst the lofty peaks at Har ki Dun valley. 

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Nicknamed ‘Valley of Gods’ and rightly so, Har-ki-Dun trek in winter is an ideal option to opt for. Firstly, the trekking route to Har-ki-Dun valley is moderate and not difficult as compared to other destinations. Secondly, the memory of the snowy landscape with Himalayan peaks such as Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag and Swargarohini in the background stays with you forever.

The panoramic view of Swargarohini peak is one the highlight of this trek along with the spellbinding views of the Jaundar glacier. Although one has to cover 75 kms in 6-7 days in Himalayan wilderness in order to reach the valley it is worth every moment.

During winter the whole village is covered under the sheath of snow as the whole village receives its fair share of snowfall. Before the start of the trek, trekkers can explore the vicinity and experience the rustic and laid back village lifestyle.

Har ki Doon trek in December

The trek of Har ki Dun is famous as a  best winter trek of Uttarakhand. Snowfall in Har ki doon valley in December & January is something which attracts a lots of trekkers from around the  world to this place. The snowy treks makes the trail a fairy tail . The frozen lakes & riverside are the best beauty to behold in eyes from this valley. Although, it is obvious to witness a good snowfall in Har ki doon but don't forget to check weather forecast cause searching a path in a cold snowy rain is hard and dangerous. 

December is the arrival of winters in Har ki Doon valley. Weather of Har ki Doon in December could goes to a freezing cold. You can witness the snowfall in the early showers of winter in Har ki Doon valley. Most of trekkers plan har ki doon trek during Christmas  cause of long weekend.

Har ki Doon trek in January

In January, the valley of Har ki Doon receives frequent snowfall. It is highly recommended that you should wear good quality shoes which can provides you a good grip on heavy snow. Carry extra pair of shoes. Trekking to Har ki Doon valley in the month is worth cause of snow which makes it a perfect winter trek of north India.

Har ki Doon trek in February

February is Har ki Doon is almost same like January. The valley remains covered with snow throughout the February. The day time can be pleasant but the nights in the month of February in Har ki Doon valley could be freezing.  The views mesmerizing like a white land of snow. Try to carry sunglasses to avoid sharp rays of sun.

Har ki Doon trek in March

The snow in Har ki Doon valley remains till April so don't worry you will surely enjoy the snowy trek in the month of March too. March in Har ki Doon valley is quite pleasant than Jan & Feb cause of good sunlight at the day time. But nights remains cold and freezy. The slowly melting glacier & the snowy riversides and lakes is something you can fall in love with.

Below are the picture of Har ki Doon trek in December & Har ki Doon trek in January. 

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