Yachting, Uttarakhand

Yachting in Uttarakhand

Famous Yachting Destinations in Uttarakhand

Yachting is a form of recreational boating in which boats called yachts are used for sailing purposes and leisure activities like fishing.  Sailing for pleasure involve short trips across a bay or lake, in fact, many nearby local waters on rivers and coastlines are great natural cruising grounds for recreational sailing.

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Naini Lake

Naini Lake
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Tehri Lake

Tehri Lake
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Yachting is the new water activity introduced at Naini Lake, alongside the usual boating services. Colorful sailboats and yachts have been introduced to the tourists for their leisure. Alongside Nainital, yachting has also been introduced at New Tehri Lake as in order to encourage Uttarakhand tourism.

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