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Adi Kailash Weather

Adi Kailash in April

The minimun and maximum temperature in April in Adi Kailash is -12°C and 13°C respectively. The weather is generally sunny and clear in April and you would feel cold throughout the day. Heavy Woolen clothes are recommended for Adi Kailash in April.

Adi Kailash Weather in April

Days are still cold but pleasant in April month at Adi Kailash. Warm woolen clothing will make this cold weather pleasant in daytime but night are chilling.

Adi Kailash experiences varying weather throughout the year, with cold temperatures and potential snowfall in winter, moderate temperatures in spring and autumn, and milder conditions in summer.

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Adi Kailash in Summers (May to June) : During the summer months of May to June in Adi Kailash, daytime temperatures generally range from -2 to 25 degrees Celsius, with cooler nights, possibly around freezing or slightly above, especially at higher altitudes.

Adi Kailash during Winters (October to April) : During the winter months from October to April in Adi Kailash, the weather can be harsh and extremely cold. Daytime temperatures in winter may range from -22 to 16 degrees Celsius, and nighttime temperatures can drop well below freezing, reaching as low as -30 degrees Celsius or even lower. The region experiences cold temperatures and snowfall, making it challenging for travel and outdoor activities.

Adi Kailash during Monsoon (July to September) : Daytime temperatures during the monsoon months may vary, ranging from around -4 to 23 degrees Celsius, depending on the specific location and altitude. During the monsoon season, there is heavy rainfall, making it less favorable for trekking or outdoor activities. The monsoon rains can lead to slippery and muddy trails, making travel difficult.

Best Time to Visit Adi Kailash

The best time to visit Adi Kailash is during the summer months, specifically from late May to June. This timeframe provides a more pleasant climate, with temperatures ranging from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. During this period, trekking conditions are favorable as the snow has melted, rendering the trails more accessible and offering a rewarding outdoor experience.

Adi Kailash Temperature and Weather Details

Check out the month wise weather update for Adi Kailash


: 1°C / -22°C
: Covered With Snow
Chilling Cold with frequent heavy snowfall. Covered with thick snow during January in Adi Kailash. Cannot accessible due to heavy snowfall in January at Adi Kailash.


: 6°C / -20°C
Most of the February month in Adi Kailash, light to heavy snowfall is received. Days are cold and nights are chilling with snow.


: 8°C / -15°C
With melting of snowfall in March month at Adi Kailash, days are cold and nights are chilling.


: 13°C / -12°C
Days are still cold but pleasant in April month at Adi Kailash. Warm woolen clothing will make this cold weather pleasant in daytime but night are chilling.


: 15°C / -7°C
Clear sky and pleasant days in May month at Adi Kailash makes it a best time to travel. Pleasant days and cold nights.


: 25°C / -2°C
Best time to watch clear view of Adi Kailash peak in June month. Light wollen clothes with minimu layering will be best at this time. Pleasant days and enjoyable nights.


: 24°C / 5°C
With frequent rains in second half of July month, Adi Kailash in July is pleasant in day time. Warm clothes still needed at Adi Kailash.


: 25°C / 4°C
Foggy and cloudy wather with low to heavy rains in August month at Adi Kailash. Light wollen clothes stiill needed. Rainy and Pleasant weather.


: 23°C / -4°C
Fog and clouds with pleasant cold weather. Sudden drop in temperature may occur at Adi Kailash with frequently change in climate.


: 16°C / -9°C
Sunny days with cold breeze. Pleasant day and cold night. Light wollen clothes advisable.


: 9°C / -14°C
Chances of snowfall at dipping night temperature. Days are cold with chilling nights.


: 6°C / -23°C
Chilling cold with snowfall covered at Adi Kailash.

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