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Dehradun in May

The minimun and maximum temperature in May in Dehradun is 20°C and 35°C respectively. The weather is generally cloudy and rains in May and you would feel pleasant throughout the day. Summer Clothes clothes are recommended for Dehradun in May.

Dehradun Weather in May

Temp doesn't go too high in may month in Dehradun. Days are pleasant and clear on most of the days. Infrequent rain expected.

The weather of Doon changes its colours like a chameleon so it is common to witness rainfall even on a bright sunny day. This has made the age-oldsaying true which says, the one who visits Doon cannot leave without falling in love with its distinguished weather.

Dehradun Weather - Climate Best Time to Visit Dehradun

The climate of Dehradun is generally temperate, although it varies from tropical. Dehradun is an all year round tourist attraction with cool winters, warm summers and crisp mild monsoons.

Dehradun Summers (March to June): In summers Dehradun have a maximum temperature of 35°C and a minimum of 17°C.

Dehradun Monsoons (July to September): The monsoons at Dehradun offer mild to medium rainfall during which period the destination looks more attractive.

Dehradun Winters (December to February): The winters have a maximum of 22°C and a minimum of about 3°C.

Best time to visit Dehradun is through the year. Tourists may keep off days of extreme summers, usually in May and June. June to December is ideal time for all sight seeing and other activities. July to September is perfect for short trips and also good for enjoying the natural scenic beauties. October to February is offering pretty cool climate and ideal for honeymoon trips.

Dehradun Temperature and Weather Details

Check out the month wise weather update for Dehradun


: 19°C / 6°C
: Cloudy And Rains
Jan is very cold in Dehradun. Surrounded with lofty mountains and near to Mussoorie, Dehradun often experience cold waves with the rain in winters.


: 21°C / 7°C
Feb is also a very cold month in Dehradun but days are pleasant and clear. Nights could be more freezy. Infrequent rain expected.


: 26°C / 12°C
You will be experience cold in the starting of the march in Dehradun but at the end of the month it becomes pleasant. Infrequent rain expected.


: 32°C / 16°C
Amalgamation of sunny and clouds days. Infrequent rain expected.


: 35°C / 20°C
Temp doesn't go too high in may month in Dehradun. Days are pleasant and clear on most of the days. Infrequent rain expected.


: 35°C / 23°C
June is sunny, hot and cloudy in Dehradun but temperature doesn't go too high and remain calms throughout the month. Infrequent rain expected.


: 30°C / 22°C
July is dedicated to monsoon in Dehradun. Infrequent rain expected.


: 29°C / 22°C
Aug is dedicated to monsoon in Dehradun. Infrequent rain expected.


: 29°C / 20°C
Amalgamation of sunny and cloudy days. Pleasurable temperature at day and night. Infrequent rain expected.


: 28°C / 15°C
Octover is the arrival of winters in Dehradun valley. Days are sunny and cloudy. Infrequent rain expected.


: 25°C / 10°C
November is dedicated to winters in Dehradun. Most of the days are cold with sunny sometimes. Infrequent rain expected.


: 21°C / 7°C
Dec is very cold in Dehradun. Try to wear heavy woolen clothes to get relief from chilling cold. Infrequent rain expected.

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