Activities In Dehradun

There are plenty of fun and adventure activities to do in Dehradun. We have listed all the popular Dehradun Activities.

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Here's the list of things to do in Dehradun

1. Trekking - Gear up for the adventure

Adventure enthusiasts must go for various exciting trek for trekking from Dehradun. Dehradun serves as the base camp for a trek to Kempty fall, Nagtibba in Mussoorie. You can also opt to trek to Chakrata which is almost 98kms from Dehradun. There are other high altitude treks in Uttarakhand the routes of which are easy to reach from Dehradun. If you have some extra time, you can check those treks out.

2. Cycling - Experience Dehradun authentically

Places: Rajur road to Mussoorie, Thano Road, Maldevta, Bhavwala road, Raipur road, etc

Cycling is the perfect activity in Dehradun. The mesmerizing weather of Dehradun is always encouraging to take upcycling. The city has perfect cycling tracks that start from Rajpur road and continue 20kms along the old Mussoorie Highway.

Cycling on the streets of Dehradun offers a great experience for discovering the city and knowing more about the lifestyle of the people.

3. Golfing- Learn the sport & calm your mind

Places: DSOI Golf Clubhouse

Dehradun is one of the few places in Uttarakhand where one can enjoy the sport of golf. Golf is one of the most lovable things to do in Dehradun. There is a DSOI Golf Clubhouse located at Vijay Path and few mini Golf courses are also available. Hotel Madhuban also features a mini-golf course.

4. Water Springs - Beat the heat with natural springs

Places: Guchhupani (Robber’s Cave), Tiger Falls, Shikhar Falls, Sahastradhara, Lacchiwala

Guchhupani, Tiger Fall, Shikar Fall, Lacchiwala, and Sahastradhara are the four water springs near Dehradun that surely loved by tourists. The former is known for its freezing spring that goes underground at someplace and resurfaces a few meters away from the underground tunnel. The latter, on the other hand, is famous for its 9 m fall of water with healing properties. Tiger Falls is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city amidst the hilly terrains of Chakrata.

5. Wildlife - Delve into the jungles, flora, and fauna of Dehradun

Places: Malsi Deer Park, Rajaji National Park

Situated on the outskirts of Dehradun, Malsi Deer Park is a zoological garden home to a large number of deer, Nilgai, and two-horned deer along with other types of wild animals and birds. Malsi Deer Park is a perfect place to visit with family and kids with its serene picnic spots and fun environment.

Rajaji National Park is one of the best places to visit for nature lovers. Rajaji National Park hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are about 400 species of birds and a large range of animals like Himalayan Bear, Tiger, Leopard, Leopard Cat, Himalayan Yellow-Throated Marten, Sloth bears, Common Krait, Monitoe Lizard, Asian Elephant, among others.

You can enjoy an exciting safari in Rajaji National Park and explore the area far and wide.

6. Pilgrimage in Mussoorie

One of the most famous pilgrim places near Dehradun is the Tapkeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Apart from that, the city is also known for its Sai Darbar Temple, situated on Rajpur Road, Santala Devi Temple, about 15 km from the city, Shiv Mandir at Mussoorie road, Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara at Jhanda Mohalla, Gurudwara Nanaksar at Raipur road, Buddha Temple, Laxman Siddh, etc.

7. Water Parks - Take your adventure to the next level

Places: Fun N Food, Fun Valley

There are two famous water parks in Dehradun where you can spend one of the best times of your life with your friends and family. The water parks offer exciting and interesting water activities in Dehradun that serve as the perfect way to enjoy the summers. 

One is Fun N Food Kingdom located near Prem Nagar, around 10kms from Dehradun city. The other is Fun Valley located in Haridwar Road around 30km from Dehradun city.

8. Shopping in Dehradun - Choose, Shop, Love

Places: Paltan Bazaar, Indira Market, Pacific Mall, Cross Road Mall

For shopping lovers, Dehradun is a shopper’s delight. There are plenty of markets, bazaars, shopping malls in Dehradun where one can engage in a shopping spree for virtually anything. Famous markets and malls in Dehradun are Paltan Bazaar, Indira Market, Pacific Mall, and Cross Road Mall.

For cheap and good products you can visit Paltan Bazaar and Indira Market. Sundays are a good time to visit these markets as new product features in the market during Sundays. However, if you aren’t fond of shopping in crowded places, then you can shop during the other days.

For a more relaxed shopping experience, you can visit the Pacific Mall and Cross Road Mall. You get good quality branded products here. The best part of the mall is the convenience that they offer. You can watch a movie, shop, and eat lavishly without having to go out of the mall.

9. Flavors of Dehradun

When in Dehradun you obviously can’t miss the regional delicacies. Dehradun is mostly famous for its Tibetan and North Indian cuisines. Kalsang is one of the famous restaurants from them. Apart from Tibetan restaurants there many other famous restaurants like Black Pepper, Kumar Food, My wife's Place, etc which tucks your tummy with delicious cuisines.

10. Paragliding in Dehradun - Fly!

Paragliding is one of the most exciting things to do in Dehradun. Go for paragliding and savor the amazing views of Mussoorie, Chakrata, Tehri Lake, and the stunning landscapes. 

11. Picnic in Dehradun

Enjoy a delightful picnic amidst the natural beauty and serene landscapes of Dehradun. Choose the sprawling Company Garden in Mussoorie for a perfect setting with vibrant flowers, lush lawns, and a serene pond. Pack your picnic basket with local delights and savor them in the shadows of towering trees. 

For a panoramic view of the city, explore the Malsi Deer Park and find a cozy spot for a picnic while observing the graceful deer. If you're seeking a waterside escape, Assan Barrage provides a tranquil setting for picnicking by the water. 

Alternatively, experience the spiritual ambiance of Santala Devi Temple or the serene surroundings of Maldevta. Whichever location you choose, a picnic in Dehradun promises a perfect blend of tranquility and delicious moments amidst nature's embrace.

12. Explore Dehradun's Historical Sites

Begin your historical exploration with a visit to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), an institution that has played a pivotal role in shaping the nation's history. 

Next, venture into Robber's Cave, a natural limestone cave with a rivulet flowing inside, believed to have served as a hideout for robbers during the British era, lending it its intriguing name. 

Immerse yourself in the colonial charm of the Forest Research Institute (FRI), an iconic institution established in 1906. Delve into the geological history of the Himalayas at the Wadia Institute, founded in 1968. Explore the museum within the institute to witness a collection of fossils, minerals, and exhibits that unravel the geological evolution of the region.

 Afterward, transport yourself to a tranquil haven at Mindrolling Monastery, one of the largest Buddhist centers in India. The monastery, adorned with vibrant murals and sculptures, reflects the rich cultural exchange between India and Tibet.

13. Photography in Dehradun

If you are exploring Dehradun and have a passion for freezing moments in time through the lens of a camera, this enchanting town opens up as a rich tapestry of photographic opportunities. From lush landscapes to architectural wonders, Dehradun offers a diverse palette for the avid photographer. 

Dive into the vibrant chaos of the Tibetan Market, capturing candid moments of daily life, colorful merchandise, and the unique cultural fusion that defines this bustling market. Utilize the serene waters of Lacchiwala for reflective compositions during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset. 

Head to elevated viewpoints like Mussoorie Road or George Everest to capture panoramic shots of the Himalayan range, revealing snow-capped peaks against clear skies or mist-covered mountains on foggy mornings. 

Focus on the natural beauty of Sahastradhara throughout different seasons, each frame presenting a unique perspective on this therapeutic destination. Dehradun beckons, inviting you to freeze its diverse moments in time through the lens of your camera.

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