Gamshali, Photo: Nitin Badwal


About Gamshali

Gamshali is the the second last village of the Niti valley, located 5 kms before the last village Niti. This is one of the largest and populated but during winters the inhabitants of this village migrate to villages like Chameli, Baunla, Semla and Math.

Get complete travel guide of Gamshali Village and nearby areas.

In Niti Valley5 kms before Niti Village

Gamshali in Malari

Gamshali is offers unspoiled canvas with Himalayan Views and villages which are frozen with time. You can see Kaghbhushandi Peak (you can check here about: Kaghbhushandi Lake Trek), Frank Smith Glacier of Valley of Flowers from Gamshali Village.

Note: Tourist are generally not allowed to visit this place for normal visit.  If you want to do trekking or visit Gamshali then you need to take permission from DM Chamoli District or SDM of Joshimath.

 Gaurav Bampal: Gamshali Village

Famous Treks from Gamshali: You either end or start your Guptkhal Trek or Bhyundar Khal Trek from Gamshali.

Other places to visit: Timmersen Mahadev and Explore Niti Village

Video of Gamshali

This video is made by Dr. Sumit Kesarkar. You can check out his channel here

Location of Gamshali

Gamshali is located in In Niti Valley ( 5 kms before Niti Village).

Location & How to Reach Gamshali

Joshimath to Gamshali is 82 kms and 3 hours to reach.

 Naresh Mathur: Roads in Gamshali

Location Latitude and Longitude: 30.755110, 79.827171

 Google Maps : Joshimath to Gamshali Route Map

Gamshali is also written and pronounced as Ghamshali, Gamsali.

What is Gamshali famous for?

Gamshali is popular place for following activities/ interests - OffBeat, Village Tourism.

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