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Gaurikund is the commencement point of the trek of 16 kms to the sacred shrine of Kedarnath. It is situated at an elevation of 1,982 mts above sea level. The place is named after Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva and a temple Gauri is also situated here.

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Why Visit Gaurikund?

The place offers vivid greenery with Vasuki Ganga flowing from below. It is located amidst lush green forest offering serene environs and panoramic views. Gaurikund is situated 28kms from Ukhimath and 6ms from Sonprayag. This quaint little hamlet is named after a thermal spring which is not thereafter the floods of 2013, but a small stream of hot water still flows at the place where the kund used to be.

Before the flash floods of 2013, Gaurikhund was the top tourist destination catering to almost thousands of pilgrims every day, but the flash floods have left a devastating effect on this place and it is now being restored by the state government. while on a visit to Kedarnath you have to take the permission of the Nehru Institute of mountaineering from their base at Gaurikund.

According to myths and legends this is the place where Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva did penance involving ascetic and yoga practices to win over Shiva's heart. It is believed that Lord Shiva accepted to marry Parvati at this place and married her in Trijuginarayan.

Enroute to revered Kedarnath temple lays Gaurikund, which also has religiously significant to the pilgrims and devotees. There are few hotels and guesthouses in Gaurikund where pilgrim and tourists can stay. However, during the peak season, finding accommodation could be really difficult. One can look for place to stay at Sonprayag which lay just 6kms before Gaurikund.

Being a revered town in the Kedarnath pilgrimage circuit, non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly banned at Gaurikund and adjoining areas. Being a small town, there are no fancy restaurants available at Gaurikund and pilgrims and tourists have to make do with local restaurants and dhabas at Gaurikund serve popular North Indian vegetarian dishes.

Goddess Parvati also hailed as 'Gauri' performed a serious penance at this place, in order to woe Lord Shiva for marrying her. The locals believe that Parvati resided in the Gauri Kund while conducting the ascetic and yogic practices to appease Lord Shiva. It is also believed that Gaurikund is the place where LordShiva proposed Parvati for marrying him and were soon tied in the knot at Triyugi Narayan, located in the vicinity of Gaurikund. 

This place is also associated with the beheading of Lord Ganesha and how it was replaced with an elephant's head. The lake is also known as ‘Parvati Sarovar’ where Goddess Parvati procured Ganesha as her son

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