Kot Bhramari Temple

About Kot Bhramari Temple

Kot Bhramari Temple, also known as the Bhramari Devi Temple and Kote-ke-Mai, is located 18 km away from Kausani, on a hilltop.  Its most prominent feature is its main deity, Goddess Bhramari, which is facing north. Devotees offer prayers from the south end of the temple.

Hilltop temple and requires to climb stairs to reach to main temple premise. You can get a very good view from top. 360 degree view of valley and few Himalayan peaks are also visible from here.

18 kms from Kausani5 kms from Baijnath
18 kms / 1 hr
From KMVN Tourist Rest House, Kausani

Kot Bhramari Temple in Kausani

 Tarun Budhani - Valley and Himalayan Views

The journey of Kot Bhramari Temple can be done throughout the year, but the best time to visit here is between the months of October to May.

Legend and Mythological Importance of Bhramari Devi Temple

According to a popular legend, it is believed that the great Indian Guru, Adi Guru Shankarcharya, stayed at this place while travelling to the region of Garhwal.

Idols in Kot Bhramari Temple

History of Kot Bhramari Temple

When and who built this ancient Kot Bhramari Devi temple remains a mystery till date. Jaishankar Prasad in his renowned drama ‘Dhruv Swamini’ has spoken of the great Chandragupta Maurya’s stay in this region with his army contingent pegging down the date at approximately 300 BCE or even earlier. Locals say that the Katyuri dynasty that ruled somewhere from the first century BCE used to call this place as Ranchulakot and had built a fort here.

This temple was again rebuilt by the Chand kings. Legend has it that when the Chand rulers were bringing Nanda Devi from Garhwal to Almora, they rested overnight at Jhalimali village. When they decided to continue their journey the next morning, they found that they were unable to lift the deity. The Brahmins who had accompanied them realized that this was the chosen spot by Devi and asked them to establish a temple here. This temple built in Jhalimali village draws huge crowds each year and is below the hill of Kot Bhramari.

Fair and Festival in Bhramari Kot Mandir

Every year in August, a fair, known as the Nanda Ashtami or Nanda Raj Jat, is organised here and a big procession is carried out. During the yatra, the goddess will be carried along in the main procession at Nandkesari on the banks of river Pinder.

Location & How to Reach Kot Bhramari Temple

By Road: Kot Bhramari Temple is located at a distance of about 4 km from Baijnath. You can also take the trek of 3 kms if you would like to hike to reach the temple.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Baijnath is Pantnagar, which is about 184 km from Baijnath.

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station of Baijnath is Kathgodam, which is about 150 km from Baijnath.

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What is Kot Bhramari Temple famous for?

Kot Bhramari Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Devi Temples, Temples.

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